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        Function to create new domain on MaestroPanel.
        This function creates domains on MaestroPanel by using pre-configured domain plans.
		You can also enable domain user on that domain for administration purposes.
    .PARAMETER  WhatIf
        Display what would happen if you would run the function with given parameters.
    .PARAMETER  Confirm
        Prompts for confirmation for each operation. Allow user to specify Yes/No to all option to stop prompting.
        New-MaestroDomain -Domain "domain.com" -Plan "GoldPlan" -Username "domain.com" -Password "PassW0Rd!"
        Creates new domain on MaestroPanel called "domain.com" by using "GoldPlan" domain plan.
        New-MaestroDomain -Domain "domain.com" -Plan "GoldPlan" -Username "domain.com" -Password "PassW0Rd!" -EnableUser -FirstName "John" -LastName "Doe" -Mail "jd@mail.com"
        Creates new domain on MaestroPanel called "domain.com" and enables domain user called "John Doe".
        Domain name, Plan name and User informations.
        Result Message.
        Author: Yusuf Ozturk
        Website: http://www.yusufozturk.info
        Email: ysfozy[at]gmail.com
        Date created: 14-Feb-2011
        Last modified: 16-Feb-2012
        Version: 1.0