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|_|  \_\__,_|_| |_|___/\__,_|\___|_|\_\

Scouring PHP Projects

Ransack is a build server designed specifically for managing continuous integration
on PHP projects.

WHAT YAK SHAVING IS THIS? You might ask, and quite rightly so. Why yet another continuous
integration tool when various free implementations already exist?

Ransack was created to address several unique areas that the most widely known open source 
CI servers do not effectively cover.

  - Independent of PEAR/PHPUnit - Ransack is built from the ground up to be free of 
    core dependencies on the PHPUnit infrastructure. Partly, this is because we are
    fans (and contributors) to SimpleTest, and we wanted a tool that was more agnostic
    towards a particular project choice in unit testing libraries.

  - Flexible customization of reporting and visualization. Ransack was not made
    for programmers, by programmers. It was made for designers AND programmers,
    and it treats visual presentation as a first class concern. You can skin it
    easily to suit your own branding, and the way your organization prefers to
    do things.

  - It's simple. You install Ransack the same way you would install any other PHP app,
    and we wouldn't have it any other way. Using a brute force (and crappy) approach
    to polling, we can provide all the benefits of a solid CI foundation without
    recourse to complex configuration or weird port wrangling. Do all that in Apache.
    Ransack just sits back and takes care of managing your code and logs.

Let us know what you think!

See our project hub at

Ransack is brought to you by maetl (