FH Kufstein Infoscreen
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FH Kufstein InfoScreen Webservice

Live Version (running stable branch): http://infoscreen.stud.ailoo.net/


  • PHP >= 5.2


  • A fast cache backend for production mode. See Zend_Cache documentation for available options (tested with Memcached)


  • Clone the repository and point your web server to the "public" directory
  • Make sure your web server user has write access to the repository
    • If not, create the var directory manually and give your web server write access. E.g. mkdir var && chown www-data var
  • Copy configuration files (copy them instead of moving to ensure a clean upgrade on later releases)
    • public/.htaccess.dist to public/.htaccess
    • application/configs/application.ini.dist to application/configs/application.ini
  • Take a look at application/configs/application.default.ini and override settings in application/configs/application.ini (do not edit the default file as setting would be overwritten on upgrades)
  • If the application runs in a subdirectory of your web server, change the RewriteBase in .htaccess
  • Open the app in a browser and check if all works properly (this should also create the needed directories in var to store logs and caches
  • If all works properly, switch to production mode in .htaccess