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# Lojban translator

Fanva is a lojban word meaning "x_1 translates x_2 to language x_3 from language x_4, with translation result x_5". is a python script that reads lojban sentence and prints out its translated form.

It takes one parameter: --lang LANG. The only lang working at the moment is polish.

## Installation

1. Install zirsam (
2. Install additional libraries required by your language: ↓

## Poliqarp configuration

1. Install poliqarpd (
2. Download and extract corpora (
3. Create file ~/.poliqarp/poliqarpd.conf with configuration similar to:

 logging             = on
 logfile             = /home/marek/poliqarpd.log
 match-buffer-size   = 1000
 max-session-idle    = 1200
 corpus              = default:/home/marek/corpus/all

4. Start poliqarp daemon with command: "poliqarpd -d"

## Use

$ ./ -l pl <<< "mi klama do"
> Idę do ciebie
$ _

## Authors & Copyright

Various files have various authors and different licences. Check them individually.

Poliqarp is a large corpora concordancer that is developed by people from Polish Academy of Sciences.

Zirsam is a flexible lojban parser developed by purpleposeidon, here, on GitHub.