Basic http wrapper to call the docker remote api from node
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Basic http wrapper to call the docker remote api from node

npm install docker-remote-api

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var docker = require('docker-remote-api')
var request = docker({
  host: '/var/run/docker.sock'

request.get('/images/json', {json:true}, function(err, images) {
  if (err) throw err
  console.log('images', images)

request.get('/images/json', function(err, stream) {
  if (err) throw err
  // stream is a raw response stream


request = docker(options) should be an address to a docker instance i.e. /var/run/docker.sock or All other options will be used as default values for get, post, put, delete.

If you omit the it will be set to $DOCKER_HOST or /var/run/docker.sock

request.get(path, [options], cb)

Send a GET request to the remote api. path should be the request path i.e. /images/json. options can contain the following

  qs: {foo:'bar'},        // set querystring parameters
  headers: {name: '...'}, // set request headers
  json: true,             // return json instead of a stream
  buffer: true,           // return a buffer instead of a stream
  drain: true,            // will drain the response stream before calling cb
  timeout: 20000,         // set request timeout
  version: 'v1.14'        // set explicit api version

request.delete(path, [options], cb)

Send a DELETE request. Similar options as request.get

post =, [options], cb)

Send a POST request. Similar options as request.get except it returns a request stream that you can pipe a request body to. If you are sending json you can set options.json = body and body will be stringified and sent as the request body.

If you do not have a request body set body: null or remember to call post.end()

put = request.put(path, [options], cb)

Send a PUT request. Similar options as