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Read IRC through hypercore.

What is it?

Hypercore is the underlying p2p network that powers Dat

Hyperirc is a bot that mirrors irc channels to a hypercore append-only log. This allows you to read an IRC channel using the hypercore p2p network. Anyone who is reading the irc logs is also helping hosting them.


npm install -g hyperirc


First, somewhere, start a mirror.

hyperirc --mirror=an-irc-channel

This will mirror an-irc-channel on freenode into a hyperdrive feed. The feed key is printed out.

Then on a couple of other computers run this to tail the channel

hyperirc --tail=the-key-printed-out-above

Thats it! Every peer tailing (and the peer mirroring) will join the p2p network and help eachother host the irc logs.

By default, hyperirc will save its database under ~/.hyperirc. You may choose your own location.

hyperirc --mirror=an-irc-channel --database=/path/to/db

For more options run hyperirc --help.

Browser support

You can also seed the irc logs to the browser by adding the --webrtc option. This will make hyperirc join a p2p webrtc swarm as well.

hyperirc --tail=the-key-printed-out-above --webrtc

To view the logs in the browser visit the static website hosted here,

Mirrored IRC channels

  • #dat on freenode, hyperirc --tail=227d9212ee85c0f14416885c5390f2d270ba372252e781bf45a6b7056bb0a1b5
  • #sciencefair on freenode, hyperirc --tail=d5ec4f72d2dfde000510b1d84912242a2c10400bbd9721311a548a1e3a7913b5
  • #beakerbrowser on freenode, hyperirc --tail=18bab41fd4cfd47425226bebf6030ef270091481b39a1959768c2ccc90db02a3

If you mirror a channel open a PR and add your key.