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render documentation written in markdown to a pretty single html file
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Markdoc is a simple way to convert documentation written in markdown into a nice looking html file. First install markdoc:

npm install -g markdoc

Then just run markdoc which outputs a single html file of the rendered markdown.

This html file is the result of rendering this markdown file with markdoc.

But wait! there is more!

Markdoc can also render markdown that is written inside comments in a code file.

 * Notice the /** to indicate that this is a markdown comment
 * the leading * on each line is NOT required but I like it

If this was inside module.js then just run markdoc module.js to render it.

It's that easy!

Markdoc can also be used as a node module

var markdoc = require('markdoc');

// to render some markdown just do:
var renderedMarkdown = markdoc.parse('my markdown string');

// to render multiline comments from some code just do:
var codeDocumentation = markdoc.parseCode('my code file with markdown comments');

Happy hacking! @mafintosh

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