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A lean and mean web router for node.js.
It is available through npm:

npm install router

The router routes using the method and a .net inspired pattern

var router = require('router');
var server = router();

server.get('/', function(request, response) {
    response.end('hello index page');

server.listen(8080); // start the server on port 8080

If you want to grap a part of the path you can use capture groups in the pattern:

server.get('/{base}', function(request, response) {
    var base = request.params.base; // ex: if the path is /foo/bar, then base = foo

The capture patterns matches until the next / or character present after the group

server.get('/{x}x{y}', function(request, response) {
    // if the path was /200x200, then request.params = {x:'200', y:'200'}

Optional patterns are supported by adding a ? at the end

server.get('/{prefix}?/{top}', function(request, response) {
    // matches both '/a/b' and '/b'

If you want to just match everything you can use a wildcard * which works like unix wildcards

server.get('/{prefix}/*', function(request, response) {
    // matches both '/a/', '/a/b', 'a/b/c' and so on.
    // the value of the wildcard is available through request.params.wildcard

If the standard capture groups aren't expressive enough for you can specify an optional inline regex

server.get('/{digits}([0-9]+)', function(request, response) {
    // matches both '/24' and '/424' but not '/abefest' and so on.

You can also use regular expressions and the related capture groups instead:

server.get(/^\/foo\/(\w+)/, function(request, response) {
    var group = request.params[1]; // if path is /foo/bar, then group is bar

Besides get the avaiable methods are options, post, put, head, del, all and upgrade. all matches all the standard http methods and upgrade is usually used for websockets.

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