Doorbird plugin for Shinobi
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Shinobi Doorbird Plugin

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  • Git Optional, needed for update script
  • Shinobi (Needs to be installed and running your system)
  • node.js and npm (also required by Shinobi, should be there already)
  • pm2 (also required by Shinobi, should be there already)


Plugin Auth

Within your shinobi config, you will need to add a random string as a key for the doorbird plugin.

"pluginKeys": {
  "Doorbird": "change_this_to_something_very_random"

Copy the sample config file and adjust the values to fit your needs.

cp conf.sample.json conf.json
vim conf.json

Be sure to change the value of key to match the key in the first step.

"key": "change_this_to_match_doorbird_plugin_key"

The easiest way:

This method assumes you are using the default setup for Shinobi:


An easy alternative:

Install required libraries

npm install

Daemonize the plugin with pm2

pm2 start lib/index.js --name doorbird --wait-ready

Save the daemon

pm2 save


Run the update script


Verify that your conf.json is correct

Run the install script