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Pigskin Picks
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Pigskin Picks Football Pool

What is it?

Recreating the pigskin picks website originally located [here][southslope_url]

What does it use?

Where can I use it?

The demo is available here

Technical Thoughts


  • Nav bar
    • link to login/create new user
  • Side bar
    • results from last week
  • Results
    • everybody's results by week
    • everybody's results YTD
    • make sure user's results are easy to find
  • Make picks
    • enter picks for the week
    • can only enter for current week
    • if already entered for week, redirect to results/show picks for the week
  • Login
    • Username
    • Full name
    • password...


  • User

    • Full Name
    • username
    • password
    • Week
      • Week ID (needed to show right/wrong picks. would be linked not embedded. still ok?)
      • Picked Teams
      • Favorite Tiebreaker
      • Opponent Tiebreaker
      • Result Score
      • Tiebreaker Score
    • Total Score
  • Week

    • Number (unique id, will reset each season)
    • Date of games
    • Games
      • Home Team
      • Away Team
      • Spread
      • Home Favorite
    • Tiebreaker (game)


  • What to do when viewing Picks page if already submitted
  • View existing picks as PDF / Better way to show submitted picks for the week
  • View game results (scores, covers, etc.) for all weeks
  • Change how picking works (buttons/radios/else?)
  • Result order, sort by column
  • Make sure can't submit picks unless all items picked and tiebreaker entered
    • -> model validation or javascript to enable button?
  • Results sidebar - view: make sure correct entry is shown
    • Make sure user can't submit after scores are submitted for the week
  • When going to login page, make sure focus is on text input
  • Make sure picks only count if submitted before games
  • iOS
    • Rotation (may be bootstrap issue)
    • Tables are probably not best option for iPhone viewing
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