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jQuery Bootstrap Touch Keyboard (jQBTK)

This jQuery plugin using Bootstrap v3 to generate a popover keyboard for use on touchscreen devices. It was originally designed for use on large touchscreen computers used in a kiosk scenario, but would probably work elsewhere too.

Uses the Bootstrap popover component and dynamically adds buttons to form a keyboard, inserting the characters into the HTML input when pressed.

Requires jQuery and Bootstrap v3.


  1. Add Bootstrap CSS
  2. Add jqbtk.min.css
  3. Add jQuery
  4. Add Bootstrap JS
  5. Add jqbtk.min.js

How to use

Refer to the documentation.html file for examples on usage. Or go to www.matthewdawkins.co.uk/jqbtk for documentation and working examples.

Note: since the keyboard listens for touch events, using this in a browser and clicking your mouse probably won't work. However, Chrome's Developer Tools has a 'device mode' that emulates touch events.

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