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150312_Karel_Battery Board-p_CompBot A5H x1 bw_crop.png
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150312_Karel_Battery Board-p_CompTop A5H x1 bw_crop.png
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150312_Karel_Battery Board-p_Sch Battery Charger x1 bw_crop.png
150312_Karel_Battery Board-p_Sch Battery Protection x1 bw_crop.png
150312_Karel_Battery Board-p_Sch Line Detector x1 bw_crop.png
150324_Karel_Lower Board_3D Bottom.png
150324_Karel_Lower Board_3D Top.png
150325_Karel_Lower Board_Bottom.JPG
150325_Karel_Lower Board_Top.JPG

Karel Lower Board

Robotic platform Karel consists of two boards, upper and lower. Lower board contains:

  • 2s LiPo battery charger
  • 2s LiPo battery protection circuit
  • line detector with four optical sensors


The circuit was designed by Mihai Agape.


Licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License (