Getting Started

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Minimum Requirements

Magarena is a java application that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. It requires the latest version of Java runtime 8. If you are using the Mac it is recommended that you install the JDK edition of java instead of just the JRE. You will also need approximately one gigabyte of free space on a hard drive to store all the playable card images and two gigabytes if you want to store images for all possible cards. The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 600.

Internet Connection

Magarena attempts to connect directly to the internet for the following reasons (which may trigger an alert if you have a firewall running) -

  • Automatically checking to see whether a new version is available at startup.
  • Once per day, if you select "Firemind Top Decks" when starting a new duel or selecting a deck in the Deck Editor it will download the latest top decks from Project Firemind.
  • If you choose to download card images.
  • If you choose to run a Project Firemind worker.


If you have not done so already, please download the latest version of Magarena. When it has finished, unzip it to a new empty folder using your favorite tool. To start the game, open the folder and...

  • Windows: double-click Magarena.exe
  • Linux: execute
  • Mac OSX: double-click the Magarena icon


:warning: Please do not extract the zip file into the existing folder. Instead, unzip the file to a brand new folder and use the import dialog to migrate existing data to the new version.

Download new card images

For obvious reasons the downloaded zip file does not contain any card images - at the time of writing there are over 14,000 cards which can be viewed in the Card Explorer which requires approximately one and a half gigabytes of disk space for the images.

Card images can easily be downloaded using the Download Card Images dialog. Proxy settings can be updated in the Preferences dialog.

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