Replication data for Race to the Top project (with William Howell)
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Replication File for Howell and Magazinnik, "Presidential Prescriptions for State Policy" (JPAM, 2017)


  • All programs for replicating the tables and figures in the paper are in the Programs folder, labeled by the table/figure number. These programs will reproduce the tables and figures into the Output folder, either as pdfs (for figures) or tex files (for tables). You only need to set a working directory once, at the top of each program, to the Replication folder; all other paths are relative.
  • There are tex files in the Output folder to compile the tables (tables.tex) and figures (figures.tex).
  • Some additional information on our research team's coding decisions and on the RttT application is available in the Additional Information folder.


All data used in the paper can be found in the Data folder, and is documented in greater detail in the Codebook. This includes:

  • leghist_nagg.dta: states' legislative histories with respect to Race to the Top policies (and some controls), at the policy-state-year level
  • leghist_agg.dta: states' legislative histories with respect to Race to the Top policies (and some controls), aggregated to the Rttt application section level
  • scores_apps12.dta: states' official scores on their last submitted RttT application
  • speeches_long.dta: State of the State speeches coded for mentions of RttT and other education policies
  • survey.dta: results from survey of state legislators about impact of RttT on state policy climate
  • an1.csv, an2.csv, an3.csv: subsets of the leghist_agg dataset, merged with RttT application scores, for the matching analysis