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// This provides a "sane" low-level API for me to render to, kind of inspired
// by Metal, WebGPU and friends. The goal here is to be a good API to write to
// while also allowing me to port to other backends (like WebGPU) in the future.
import { GfxBuffer, GfxTexture, GfxColorAttachment, GfxDepthStencilAttachment, GfxSampler, GfxProgram, GfxInputLayout, GfxInputState, GfxRenderPipeline, GfxBindings, GfxResource } from "./GfxPlatformImpl";
import { GfxFormat } from "./GfxPlatformFormat";
import { DeviceProgram, DeviceProgramReflection } from "../../Program";
import { Color } from "../../Color";
export enum GfxCompareMode {
NEVER = WebGLRenderingContext.NEVER,
LESS = WebGLRenderingContext.LESS,
EQUAL = WebGLRenderingContext.EQUAL,
LEQUAL = WebGLRenderingContext.LEQUAL,
GREATER = WebGLRenderingContext.GREATER,
NEQUAL = WebGLRenderingContext.NOTEQUAL,
GEQUAL = WebGLRenderingContext.GEQUAL,
ALWAYS = WebGLRenderingContext.ALWAYS,
export enum GfxFrontFaceMode {
CCW = WebGLRenderingContext.CCW,
CW = WebGLRenderingContext.CW,
export const enum GfxCullMode {
export enum GfxBlendFactor {
ZERO = WebGLRenderingContext.ZERO,
ONE = WebGLRenderingContext.ONE,
SRC_COLOR = WebGLRenderingContext.SRC_COLOR,
DST_COLOR = WebGLRenderingContext.DST_COLOR,
SRC_ALPHA = WebGLRenderingContext.SRC_ALPHA,
DST_ALPHA = WebGLRenderingContext.DST_ALPHA,
export enum GfxBlendMode {
NONE = 0,
ADD = WebGLRenderingContext.FUNC_ADD,
export const enum GfxLoadDisposition { CLEAR, LOAD }
export const enum GfxWrapMode { CLAMP, REPEAT, MIRROR }
export const enum GfxTexFilterMode { POINT, BILINEAR }
export const enum GfxMipFilterMode { NO_MIP, NEAREST, LINEAR }
export const enum GfxPrimitiveTopology { TRIANGLES }
export const enum GfxBufferUsage {
INDEX = 0x01,
VERTEX = 0x02,
UNIFORM = 0x03,
export const enum GfxBufferFrequencyHint {
STATIC = 0x01,
DYNAMIC = 0x02,
export interface GfxVertexBufferDescriptor {
buffer: GfxBuffer;
byteOffset: number;
byteStride: number;
export const enum GfxVertexAttributeFrequency {
PER_VERTEX = 0x01,
export interface GfxVertexAttributeDescriptor {
location: number;
format: GfxFormat;
bufferIndex: number;
bufferByteOffset: number;
frequency: GfxVertexAttributeFrequency;
usesIntInShader?: boolean;
export const enum GfxTextureDimension {
n2D, n2D_ARRAY
export interface GfxTextureDescriptor {
dimension: GfxTextureDimension;
pixelFormat: GfxFormat;
width: number;
height: number;
depth: number;
// TODO(jstpierre): The number of mipmaps is not explicitly choosable on Metal. I assume WebGPU
// will not allow this either. At some point, I will have to move this into the sampler.
numLevels: number;
export function makeTextureDescriptor2D(pixelFormat: GfxFormat, width: number, height: number, numLevels: number): GfxTextureDescriptor {
const dimension = GfxTextureDimension.n2D, depth = 1;
return { dimension, pixelFormat, width, height, depth, numLevels };
export interface GfxSamplerDescriptor {
wrapS: GfxWrapMode;
wrapT: GfxWrapMode;
minFilter: GfxTexFilterMode;
magFilter: GfxTexFilterMode;
mipFilter: GfxMipFilterMode;
minLOD: number;
maxLOD: number;
export interface GfxBufferBinding {
buffer: GfxBuffer;
wordOffset: number;
wordCount: number;
export interface GfxSamplerBinding {
texture: GfxTexture;
sampler: GfxSampler;
export interface GfxBindingLayoutDescriptor {
numUniformBuffers: number;
numSamplers: number;
export interface GfxBindingsDescriptor {
bindingLayout: GfxBindingLayoutDescriptor;
uniformBufferBindings: GfxBufferBinding[];
samplerBindings: (GfxSamplerBinding | null)[];
export interface GfxInputLayoutDescriptor {
vertexAttributeDescriptors: GfxVertexAttributeDescriptor[];
indexBufferFormat: GfxFormat | null;
export enum GfxStencilOp {
KEEP = WebGLRenderingContext.KEEP,
ZERO = WebGLRenderingContext.ZERO,
REPLACE = WebGLRenderingContext.REPLACE,
INVERT = WebGLRenderingContext.INVERT,
export interface GfxChannelBlendState {
blendMode: GfxBlendMode;
blendSrcFactor: GfxBlendFactor;
blendDstFactor: GfxBlendFactor;
export const enum GfxColorWriteMask {
NONE = 0x00,
RED = 0x01,
GREEN = 0x02,
BLUE = 0x04,
ALPHA = 0x08,
ALL = 0x0F,
export interface GfxAttachmentState {
colorWriteMask: GfxColorWriteMask;
blendConstant: Color;
rgbBlendState: GfxChannelBlendState;
alphaBlendState: GfxChannelBlendState;
export interface GfxMegaStateDescriptor {
// TODO(jstpierre): Remove this old interface.
colorWrite: boolean;
blendMode: GfxBlendMode;
blendSrcFactor: GfxBlendFactor;
blendDstFactor: GfxBlendFactor;
attachmentsState?: GfxAttachmentState[];
depthCompare: GfxCompareMode;
depthWrite: boolean;
stencilCompare: GfxCompareMode;
stencilWrite: boolean;
stencilPassOp: GfxStencilOp;
cullMode: GfxCullMode;
frontFace: GfxFrontFaceMode;
polygonOffset: boolean;
export interface GfxRenderTargetDescriptor {
colorAttachment: GfxColorAttachment | null;
depthStencilAttachment: GfxDepthStencilAttachment | null;
export interface GfxRenderPipelineDescriptor {
bindingLayouts: GfxBindingLayoutDescriptor[];
inputLayout: GfxInputLayout | null;
program: GfxProgram;
topology: GfxPrimitiveTopology;
megaStateDescriptor: GfxMegaStateDescriptor;
// TODO(jstpierre): Support MRT. This might be tricksy.
export interface GfxRenderPassDescriptor {
colorAttachment: GfxColorAttachment;
colorLoadDisposition: GfxLoadDisposition;
colorClearColor: Color;
depthStencilAttachment: GfxDepthStencilAttachment;
depthLoadDisposition: GfxLoadDisposition;
depthClearValue: number;
stencilLoadDisposition: GfxLoadDisposition;
stencilClearValue: number;
export interface GfxDeviceLimits {
uniformBufferWordAlignment: number;
export interface GfxProgramReflection extends DeviceProgramReflection {
name: string;
uniqueKey: number;
export interface GfxInputStateReflection {
inputLayout: GfxInputLayout;
export interface GfxDebugGroup {
name: string;
drawCallCount: number;
textureBindCount: number;
bufferUploadCount: number;
triangleCount: number;
export interface GfxSwapChain {
configureSwapChain(width: number, height: number): void;
getDevice(): GfxDevice;
getOnscreenTexture(): GfxTexture;
present(): void;
export interface GfxHostAccessPass {
// Transfer commands.
uploadBufferData(buffer: GfxBuffer, dstWordOffset: number, data: Uint8Array, srcWordOffset?: number, wordCount?: number): void;
uploadTextureData(texture: GfxTexture, firstMipLevel: number, levelDatas: ArrayBufferView[]): void;
export interface GfxRenderPass {
// State management.
setViewport(width: number, height: number): void;
setPipeline(pipeline: GfxRenderPipeline): void;
setBindings(bindingLayoutIndex: number, bindings: GfxBindings, dynamicWordOffsets: number[]): void;
setInputState(inputState: GfxInputState | null): void;
setStencilRef(value: number): void;
// Draw commands.
draw(vertexCount: number, firstVertex: number): void;
drawIndexed(indexCount: number, firstIndex: number): void;
// Pass resolution.
endPass(resolveColorAttachmentTo: GfxTexture | null): void;
export type GfxPass = GfxRenderPass | GfxHostAccessPass;
export interface GfxDevice {
createBuffer(wordCount: number, usage: GfxBufferUsage, hint: GfxBufferFrequencyHint): GfxBuffer;
createTexture(descriptor: GfxTextureDescriptor): GfxTexture;
createSampler(descriptor: GfxSamplerDescriptor): GfxSampler;
createColorAttachment(width: number, height: number, numSamples: number): GfxColorAttachment;
createDepthStencilAttachment(width: number, height: number, numSamples: number): GfxDepthStencilAttachment;
createProgram(program: DeviceProgram): GfxProgram;
createBindings(bindingsDescriptor: GfxBindingsDescriptor): GfxBindings;
createInputLayout(inputLayoutDescriptor: GfxInputLayoutDescriptor): GfxInputLayout;
createInputState(inputLayout: GfxInputLayout, buffers: (GfxVertexBufferDescriptor | null)[], indexBuffer: GfxVertexBufferDescriptor | null): GfxInputState;
createRenderPipeline(descriptor: GfxRenderPipelineDescriptor): GfxRenderPipeline;
destroyBuffer(o: GfxBuffer): void;
destroyTexture(o: GfxTexture): void;
destroySampler(o: GfxSampler): void;
destroyColorAttachment(o: GfxColorAttachment): void;
destroyDepthStencilAttachment(o: GfxDepthStencilAttachment): void;
destroyProgram(o: GfxProgram): void;
destroyBindings(o: GfxBindings): void;
destroyInputLayout(o: GfxInputLayout): void;
destroyInputState(o: GfxInputState): void;
destroyRenderPipeline(o: GfxRenderPipeline): void;
// Command submission.
createHostAccessPass(): GfxHostAccessPass;
createRenderPass(renderPassDescriptor: GfxRenderPassDescriptor): GfxRenderPass;
// Consumes and destroys the pass.
submitPass(o: GfxPass): void;
queryLimits(): GfxDeviceLimits;
queryProgram(program: GfxProgram): GfxProgramReflection;
queryInputState(o: GfxInputState): GfxInputStateReflection;
queryTextureFormatSupported(format: GfxFormat): boolean;
queryPipelineReady(o: GfxRenderPipeline): boolean;
// Debugging and high-level queries.
setResourceName(o: GfxResource, s: string): void;
pushDebugGroup(debugGroup: GfxDebugGroup): void;
popDebugGroup(): GfxDebugGroup;
export { GfxBuffer, GfxTexture, GfxColorAttachment, GfxDepthStencilAttachment, GfxSampler, GfxProgram, GfxInputLayout, GfxInputState, GfxRenderPipeline, GfxBindings };
export { GfxFormat };
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