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Getting python-mpd

The latest release of python-mpd can be found at

Getting the latest source code

If you would instead like to use the latest source code, you can grab a copy
of the development version from git by running the command:

  git clone http://git.thejat.be/python-mpd.git

Installing from source

To install python-mpd from source, simply run the command:

  python setup.py install

You can use the `--help` switch to `setup.py` for a complete list of commands
and their options.  See the http://docs.python.org/inst/inst.html[Installing
Python Modules] document for more details.

Using the client library

The client library can be used as follows:

client = mpd.MPDClient()           # create client object
client.connect("localhost", 6600)  # connect to localhost:6600
print client.mpd_version           # print the mpd version
print client.cmd("one", 2)         # print result of the command "cmd one 2"
client.close()                     # send the close command
client.disconnect()                # disconnect from the server

A list of supported commands, their arguments (as MPD currently understands
them), and the functions used to parse their responses can be found in
`doc/commands.txt`.  See
on the http://mpd.wikia.com/[MPD Wiki] for more details.

Command lists are also supported using `command_list_ok_begin()` and

client.command_list_ok_begin()       # start a command list
client.update()                      # insert the update command into the list
client.status()                      # insert the status command into the list
results = client.command_list_end()  # results will be a list with the results

Commands may also return iterators instead of lists if `iterate` is set to

client.iterate = True
for song in client.listallinfo():
    print song["file"]

Extra care must be taken to exhaust the iterator before executing *any* other

Contacting the author

You can contact the author by emailing J. Alexander Treuman
<mailto:jat@spatialrift.net[]>.  He can also be found idling in #mpd on
irc.freenode.net as jat.