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*** PocketVJ 2.0 Release Notes ***
Control Panel v0.95 (11.Feb 2016)
- made it mobile friendly, it finally works,
some known bugs with the output messages..will fix this soon
- make sure to download the new timer file:
Control Panel v0.94 (10.Feb 2016)
- removed mobile layouts since it made strange issues with 'devicelock' on mobile phones
- if you already upgraded and cant access the upgrade section, clear browser data, type in url
of pocketvj with index.html: you might use a computer....
Control Panel v0.93 (10.Feb 2016)
- added mobile layouts in Video / Presenter /Mapper
- some layout redesigns
- addad export / import mapper settings
Control Panel v0.92 (08.Feb 2016)
- added global stop script
Control Panel v0.91beta (06.Feb 2016)
- added mobile layout for mapper control
(When connection with mobile phone, press the white square, then in mapper section cloick on mobile)
Control Panel v0.91 (05.Feb 2016)
- added pdf viewer (put your files in a new folder media/internal/pdf/)
- added stop audio only knob
Control Panel v0.9 (30.Jan 2016)
- changed the imageplayer to support all formats and sizes
- added 'as fast as possible' function for slideshow playback
- now you can use audioplayer together with imageplayer
- in scheduler you dont have to terminate running tasks anymore
Control Panel v0.86a (28.Jan 2016)
- fixed manual slideshow to display pics alphabetically and not random
Control Panel v0.86 (23.Jan 2016)
- added shortcut for Testscreen
- fixed testscreen, no more double click to activate
- function to change network to DHCP (read the manual!!)
- upgraded all scripts to support hw clock (future releases will be based on RTC)
- all images from now on support DS3231 RTC as default
Control Panel v0.85 (05.Jan 2016)
- added a master clock to display
- added clear display function to stop button
Control Panel v0.84a (13.Dez 2015)
- fixed startmaster 02 script
Control Panel v0.84 (28.Nov 2015)
- Added support of the pjlink library to power on/off various projectors
- made a function in Firmware/System to change from PJlink to Eiki
customers with CP 0.83 or below need to install pjlink library:
sudo easy_install --upgrade pip appdirs
pip install pjlink
Control Panel v0.83 (25.Nov 2015)
- Added a script to power on/off projector over network (original script works with Eiki/Sanyo LC-XT3)
you can edit the script for your projector in /var/www/script/ and if you send me
your script I will publish
- Added more buttons in extended playback control
- updated tcps client (only for new orders)
Control Panel v0.82 (12.Nov 2015)
- Fixed a bug in Impress remote, its now working.
- added the option in /boot/config.txt to get more current on the USB ports
Control Panel v0.81 (17.Sept 2015)
-Added RaspberryCast support
(users with CP 0.8 and lower, must install manual:
wget && sudo sh
Control Panel v0.8 (14.Sept 2015)
-Added AirPlay support
-Removed the Game function (will come later on...)
(users who have cCP0.73 or lower must manually install rplay as described here:
After doing all the steps from this tutorial, remove /etc/init.d/rplay, then install
the CP update and Airplay should also work on your device)
Control Panel v0.73 (2.Sept 2015)
- Added a manual slideshow function (needs: feh_2.3-2_armhf.deb, now supports more image formats)
- Added printscreen function (needs in /opt/screenshot)
Control Panel v0.72a (11.August 2015)
- Fixed CP update function, users with Version 0.7, 0.71, 0.72 must update via ssh
- pre-installed tetris and spaceinvaders games
Control Panel v0.72 (23.June 2015)
- Fixed the conform all images function
- added pause function
- make factory preset after update to get pause working
Control Panel v0.71
- Firmware 1.1 (20.Mai 2015) released
- Sync script optimized for much faster reaction and frameprecise syncing
(just donwload CP0.71 again, install it and hit: 'Factory Preset')
>>>>>>> Stashed changes
Control Panel v0.71 (20.Mai 2015)
- Sync script optimized for much faster reaction and frameprecise syncing
(just click: 'Factory Preset' after update)
- added function to display current IP address
- integrated TCPSClient (
(its beta, only use it if you can connect over RJ45!!, Wifi sometimes drops)
needs some depencies: sudo apt-get install libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev
if you are upgrading from CP v0.7 without internet connection,
drop me a mail, to get install instructions
Control Panel v0.7 (18.April 2015)
- optimized for the new hardware
- redesigned panels
- added an impress function
- added mapping function
- changed the file structure
If you need a function, write me so I can try to implement it.
Copyright by
Firmware written by: Simon Josi,
Pi-Mapper written by: Krisjanis Rijnieks,
Virtual Keyboard written by: Erwin van Dijk,
Impress written by the LibreOffice community,
projector remote by: Marco Schmalz / Peter Ward,
Testmovie by: Manuel Berner,
Testaudio by: Marcel Bieri,
Idea, support and concept by: Marc-André Gasser, Berne, Switzerland
Please support this project with a donation or buy a PocketVJ in the official webstore!