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PocketVJ 3.x / Control Panel 2.x.x

CP 2.5.2 14.October 2020

showed some love to the layout especially the icons
added script to change ip range from 192.168.2.*** range to 10.0.0.*** range

CP 2.5.1a 28.January 2020

set date from user had a wrong link, its fixed now!

CP 2.5.1 31.October 2019

Added "Set Date/Time from user" button, this will catch the time from your computer and writes it to the RTC
Removed Streamer Buttons since its too complicated to stream webrtc without ssl on modern browsers
Updated the getcontent script with an addition from user frankbash

CP 2.5.0 05.September 2019

New Logo with slogan
Direct (questionmark icon) link to github issue page
Added button to start VNC Screensharing from CP
Button for webserver password protection (3.8 nd earlier need to set pw first!)
Some overall tweaks

Image 3.9 01.September 2019

Added xvfb, rtmidi and many other useful tools
Added elFinder
Added Password login for CP
Added SSL self assigned script for https
Removed cursor
Updated kernel from 4.14.43 to 4.14.98

CP 2.4.4a 14.August 2019

Changed vncstartup to be able to manual start
Added show IP script
Added RJ45 IP to screenshare
Fixed manual slideshow

CP 2.4.4 17.Mai 2019

Fixed force HD resolution from 1080i to 1080p
Added Syphon wall buttons
Fixed some typos in index.html

CP 2.4.3b 07.January 2019

Fixed MapperAudio (installing MapperAudio now plays audio over jack plug).
Prepared syphon video wall scripts.

CP 2.4.3a 07.January 2019

Added "Play as Master wifi" and "Play as Slave Wifi" button (works from PVJ 3.8 or newer, see image 3.8 release notes).

CP 2.4.3 07.January 2019

Changed QLC+ autostart to load example file (/media/internal/dmx/autostart.qxw) at start.
Added Puredata to Autostart and to Stop button (users with PVJ 3.7 or older need to install manually if needed:
Added "take a picture with camera" button in CP under AUX (for taking pictures with the piCam).
Fixed Autostart to VIDEOMAPPER CameraFeed, link was somehow broken.

Image 3.8 07.January 2019

Installed puredata.
Added "dmx" folder to /media/internal/
Added QLC+ autostart.qxw to /media/internal/dmx/
Installed node-omxplayer-sync ( in /home/pi/node-omxplayer-sync
Updated npm to version 6.4.1 (sudo npm install -g npm) (sudo npm audit fix --force)
Cec-utils installed (sudo apt-get install cec-utils)
changed content of build number in /etc/pvj_version

CP 2.4.1a 30.Dezember 2018

Fixed a typo which made the control panel not responding anymore.
If you are in this situation, you need to update via Filezilla:
Please post your questions here instead of sending emails:

CP 2.4.1 26.November 2018

Removed HPlayer
Changed QLC+ Autostart from .xsession to /home/pi/.confi/lxsession/LXDE/autostart
Changed Imageplayer Autostart from .xsession to /home/pi/.confi/lxsession/LXDE/autostart
Changed Presenter Autostart from .xsession to /home/pi/.confi/lxsession/LXDE/autostart
Added Stop Webserver button/function
Moved touchOSC to sync folder

Image 3.7 26.November 2018

Installed and configured lirc, placed lirc daemon file in /var/www/sync, for usage uncomment in /etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf
Compiled new QLC+ version 4.12.1
Changed factory preset to remove old .xsession file
Updated Processing from 3.3.6 to 3.4
Added Processing_examples folder with some mapping tools
Installed node osc2artnet
Installed backports
Updated Cava to 0.6.0
Removed HPlayer
Removed gif_for_cli
Resized Partition Size to gain 500MB more storage

CP 2.4.0f 31.October 2018

fixed autostart to processing
added startmaster and startmasteronce to OSC, up to 99 movies, Thanks to François Malnovic for contributing!

CP 2.4.0e 05.October 2018

fixed mapper: add/remove row and add/remove clumn

CP 2.4.0d 24.September 2018

added /screenon and /screenoff to OSC

CP 2.4.0c 12.September 2018

added more startmaster_0x scripts to OSC, now up to 69 movies
added startmasteronce to OSC, up to 69 movies
Thanks to François Malnovic for contributing!

CP 2.4.0b 30.August 2018

added autostart to OSC when hitting autostart to scheduler

CP 2.4.0a 19.August 2018

merged pull request from ProjectileObjects
More OSC commands added
better documentation on how to update older PVJ versions

CP 2.4.0 15.August 2018

added full OSC support (only working on PVJ's 3.6 (and newer) released from today on)
if you bought your PVJ 3.6 before August 15th, you need to: npm install osc-receiver

CP 2.3.9b 07.August 2018

added pre alpha of magmapper to autostart custom1 buttom (only working on image 3.6 and newer)

Image 3.6 07.August 2018

installed Chromium browser
installed node.js (for OSC support)
installed npm node-omxplayer
integrated webcam driver
integrated neopixel driver
integrated HUB75 library
added htop for monitoring
gif-for-cli (untested)
resized root partition
added cava equalizer
added unclutter
added file which tells pvj image build version in /etc/pvj_version
wget installed
purged glediator and xlights to free some space
added new testvideo by paavo

Update 15.08.2018

added osc-receiver
customer how bought a PVJ3.6 before August 15, need to perform a npm install osc-receiver for OSC functionality.

CP 2.3.9a 12.July 2018

fixed openOLA panel link to be a realtive url now

CP 2.3.9 11.July 2018

fixed mapperupdate which removed the remote mapper
added launch remote mapper button
fixed autostart to superpikixpi
autoforce resolution for superpikixpi to 1280x720
added kill superpikixpi to global stop command
added webgui for qlcplus on port :9999

CP 2.3.8b 25.May 2018

reverted the factory preset functions which clean /tmp/ folders since it messes something up with the webserver

CP 2.3.8b 22.May 2018

added delete all log files to factory preset button

CP 2.3.8a 03.May 2018

Fixed google font issue... sorry guys for the trouble

CP 2.3.8 27.April 2018

Fixed mapper presets to also work with mapper remote
Added Mapper Cam to use picam or hdmi input board
Added launch mappercam button (make sure to enable cam in aux settings)
Make "Update All" 2 x to get everything installed!

CP 2.3.7 23.April 2018

Added FX to Camera Livefeed
Added 2 custom function buttons with custom functions
Added remote mapper beta (make "Update All" 2 x to get it installed!)
Get the Mapperremote beta App here: (OSX/Linux, win in pipeline)

Image 3.5a 18.April 2018

Updated image to run on RPi3 B+ (2018)

CP 2.3.6 19.March 2018

added camera live feed to work together with raspicam (thanks cornelius henke for testing)

CP 2.3.5a 16.March 2018

changed memory settings in config.txt to auto allocate gpu ram

CP 2.3.5 07.March 2018

added a filename fixer script/function to rename incompatible files

CP 2.3.4a 27.Februar 2018

Play as Slave button was not linked, is working now
Fix issue where files with high bandwidth where not playing
Removed sending audio flag on slave, so sync is working perfect again

CP 2.3.4 20.Februar 2018

Added Audio Testtone Left & Right
Removed Update CP, since it makes sense to use only Update Everything
Fixed mapping converter
Added mappingconverter to Update Everything
Added SuperPikixPi to Autostart (PVJ3.5 2018 version)
Added SuperPikixPi to stop command
Added GPU ram usage info
Updated set Audio output to change all Play_0x files
Added startmaster13-16 scripts to sync folder
Added startmaster01-02 from usb script

CP 2.3.3a 05.Februar 2018

Added clean hidden files also on usb sticks to backend.php

CP 2.3.3 04.Januar 2018

Added new mapper with circular shapes and slideshow function
Fallback to select older version of mapper with more performance
TCPSyphon gets updated when hitting UPDATE Everything
Mapping converter knob added, no function set yet, betatesting
Fixed playonce06
Updated omxplayer-sync script with the fixed loop option

CP 2.3.0 19.Dezember 2017

Play NDI stream now streams all movies over NDI
added start OLA for usb-dmx devices
added QLC+ for dmx control
stopall command updated to stop NDI functions
Note: OLA and QLC+ must be installed by hand, is integrated in PVJ 3.5 and newer
Never make an apt-get upgrade, this will mess your system!

CP 2.2.0 16.Dezember 2017

Added function to sync over Wifi
Click UPDATE Everything after CP update
There must be a master with wifi name vj100 up and running to use this function
Network adress will be hardcoded

Known Bugs:

mapper launch without mouse still does not work as expected
autostart to processing is not coded yet

CP 2.1.0 10.Dezember 2017

Added new Mapper with SlideShow function. Update mapper after CP update!

CP 2.0.2 04.Dezember 2017

Implemented the webfont, removed google font link, offline issue is now fixed.

Known Bugs:

Play_Once0x functions only work when setting to old script and updating audio to jack or hdmi (no also support)
mapper remote is slow, when hitting commands very fast and often, there is quit a delay
mapper launch without mouse still does not work as expected
autostart clock takes 30seconds until it displays
autostart to processing is not coded yet

CP 2.0.1 29.November 2017

Some .js scrips where linked with http. If the device connection to CP was offline, CP did not work proper
Fixed some button links

PVJ 3.4 release 27.November 2017

Updated image to version 3.4
Installed processing
Updated several libs, gstreamer, new kernel and wifi firmware

CP 2.0.0 26.November 2017

This is a massive release with a completely new look and feel :-)

To Update:
0. Stop all tasks

  1. Download and place it in /internal/ on your PocketVJ 3.x
  2. Update CP (wait!! until you get message, approx. 5 minutes)
  3. Refresh browser, then select UPDATE Mapper (wait 5minutes)
  4. If CP is not working ore behaves strange, the device you are connection to the CP has also internet access, then imidiately update to CP 2.0.1

Whats new:

Completely redesigned CP from scratch, now fully responsive :-)
CP output is now scrollable, better line breaks
CP alerts when connection to PVJ is lost
Softedge function
Moved Syphon to streamer section
Scratch of NDI implementation
Set to dhcp and set to static IP fixed
Added more play once buttons
Added Mapping scale mask up and down
Added Autostart to loop_01 and loop02
Added Autostart to Clock
Added Autostart to Custom2
Cleaned up the System settings panel
Function to download files from your personal server or dropbox, ideal for scheduler tasks
Get CPU temperature
Updated License file

Overall bugfixes

CP 1.14e 20.November 2017

fixed an issue when 2x clicked to set DHCP

CP 1.14d 04.October 2017

added new build of omxplayer when hitting Update Firmware in System Tab (only recommended if you encounter any issues)

CP 1.14c 18.September 2017

fixed force hdmi mode to get audio over hdmi, even if EDID of screen does not report compatibility

CP 1.14b 15.August 2017

fixed wrong link for piwall_topright, thanks to francoestrubia
updated readme (pull request from Aaron Israel, thanks!)

CP 1.14a 19.Juni 2017

fixed the issue when you set network to dhcp you where not able to connect via wifi anymore

CP 1.14 30.April 2017

function to change between seamless and gap-list sync
added more numbered startmaser09-12
moved OSCplayer under startmaster button

CP 1.13b 25.April 2017

fixed the cursor blinking when nothing was running
fixed streaming page button was not linked

CP 1.13a 12.April 2017

turingmachine updated the sync script, now it automatically makes a seamless loop when only one video is in the folder and its now syncable!
Make sure that you hit "factory preset" after the update.

CP 1.13 24.March 2017

upgraded CP for PocketVJ 3.3, now with OSC support for videoplayer

CP 1.12a 20.March 2017

fixed issue when hitting more than once to ALSA output

CP 1.12 18.March 2017

added function to overlay transparent .png file over videos
will only work on PocketVJs bought after march 18th

CP 1.11 23.Januar 2017

updated with new functions of PVJ 3.2
if you have an older (3.0/3.1) version, audio streaming will not work

CP 1.10 12.Januar 2017

merged presenter and imageviewer together
added launch/relaunch mapper knobs
added an Update All function for single click update
added audio slave
changed audioplayer to omxplayer, so its possible to use usb soundcards and sync
added stopall function to mappersettings, so it does not need stop command in scheduler

CP 1.09a 04.Januar 2017

fixed mapper relaunch function, remote did not work after clicking relauch

CP 1.09 03.Januar 2017

added more seamless loop functions

CP 1.08 22.December 2016

New mapper version, you must do update: system->update mapper
Redesign of Mapper section
Undo of mapper is now working
Hide/show layer panel added
Pause in shortcuts now also works for mapper
Removed Terminal link and wrote which port you can access Terminal
Fixed Status Monitor size

CP 1.07b 16.December 2016

Stability improvements for loading and saving mapper presets

CP 1.07a 13.December 2016

Fixed Screenshot function

CP 1.07 12.December 2016

Testscreen bigger, for 1920 x 1200 resolution
Mapper presets 1-5
ALSA option for USB soundcard output (make sure to update firmware)
Updated manual for scheduler/mappersetting commands
Updated timer.txt

CP 1.06a 29.November 2016

Mapper Update did remove path to videos and images, thanks to martani for bugreport, fixed now!

CP 1.06 24.November 2016

Added rotate screen options
removed 1920 x 1200 resolution since it caused glitches, added 1680x1050 instead

CP 1.05a 20.November 2016

Fixed: Mapper "Add Triangle" was not working

CP 1.05 18.November 2016

Added setting to use RCA (analog) video output, could not test because I dont own analog hardware, can someone please test and report back, thanks!
Improved the response time when loading CP in browser

CP 1.04 15.November 2016

Added a permanent wifi and bluetooth disable
Fixed audioplayer, did not workd because dtoverlay in config.txt was missing
Updated the timer.txt example file (make a factory preset to get it)
Added projector power on/off script which works with scheduler

CP 1.03b 03.November 2016

Fixed PJLink Projector remote On/Off, was missing direct file path
Fixed startmasterusb

CP 1.03a 02.November 2016

Fixed the issue that testscreen and imageplayer did not display fullscreen
After upgrading, go to "display" and selecet "default" to update the settings

CP 1.03 16.Oktober 2016

Updated to newest omxplayer build
Added: Autostart custom file

CP 1.02 03.Oktober 2016

Fixed Mapper: Pause, Media Stepper, BigMoves, Relaunch
Fixed: Terminal link
Added: PiWall setting for 3screens, PiWall master loop
Added: tag description to shortcuts and link to logo
(Still trying to remote mapper without mouse)

CP 1.01 30.September 2016

Added symbols to the colored register menu for better usability
Fixed an issue with omxplayer-sync, play once played the file twice... thanks to mdmcclel for fix and pull request

CP 1.00 12.September 2016

make sure that after updating the CP, you go to system and hit Update Firmware and Update Mapper to use all the new functions.
Be patient, updating takes several minutes!

- Added seamless loop
- Sections are now color coded
- New Sync script and new Player
- many new feuatures and little bugfixes

CP 0.97a 15.March 2016

Added missing up down left right commands for mapper

CP 0.97 10.March 2016

Fixed update function

Updated Mapper Controls

added function to change wifi channel

Notes for users with version 0.96: If you want upgrade from version 0.96, you must rename the file to

CP 0.96 26.Feb. 2016

Official Release of PocketVJ 3.0 RTC Version

incl. many new features

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