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  • test if gstreamer gst-omx is loading videos faster for GPIO implementations (compile:
  • play movies and images after each other
  • sync with USB alsa audio does not work, fix it! (is this needed in any way?)
  • jump to next file button
  • Slow motion function (1 Increase Speed 2 Decrease Speed) (dbus control no ready yet, waiting for new omxplayer version
  • Master Slave auto-detection
  • Audio reactive effects, like RGB change to beat, pulsating brightness, some efx similar to camera effects




  • Build a completely new version of Mapper with more performance, remote controllable, (syncable?) and full code based on java (start on 20.07.18)

  • Add pause button

  • Bezier Warp, as seen here:, both examples are openGL, but i hope there is a way without it

  • Grid mesh

  • Website or screengrabber as source for mapper

  • Add playlist version of mapper (plays every video in /media/internal/video)

  • audio usb alsa support

  • compile shortcut for bigmove, make moves even bigger, also small moves(not importand if remote server works

  • Make sync script compatible with video mapper, need new ofxomxplayer, find a coder who can do this, payable!


  • Autostart to Processing in fullscreen (still not sure how to execute command)


  • check if changes in htaccess file can help resolving functions e.g.
  • move softedge file location to another place
  • Add OLA DMX trigger scripts to control PVJ with DMX commands
  • Add OLA DMX recorder script and DMX playback script to record and playback DMX commands
  • Search for an DMX player, which could be synced to omxplayer

- Check if processing is still working
- Add some processing demos in fullscreen
- integrate sound analyzer for use with mic or soundfile:
- sound reactive video effects
- integrate UV4L Streaming Server ( (tested: works 640x480, waiting for HD)
- screen controls for color, brightness, contrast (openframeworks solution?)
- function to show CPU usage (top)
- function to display version of omxplayer, feh, tcpsyphon
- make an artnet/dmx script to control omxplayer:
- Integrate artnet player from aeby:
- Integrate PiTunnel for remote management
- Hub75 library to be compatible with led panels and adafruit board
- Integrate RaspiVJ function for videomixing (
- get into pi3d: maybe do a mapper + slidshow with this
- get into shaders:
- more shader stuff:

OS for PVJ 3.6:

OS for PVJ 3.8:

Manual .pdf:

  • update manual for CP2.0.x release, new screenshots, half way done...i hate office programs
  • shortcuts for mapping mode with keyboard
  • more description for tcpsclient, with example using syphoner to capture software
  • correct errors concerning timer.txt (possible to seperate with commas? )
  • Add scheduler commands
  • Something about GPIO, where is the script and how to connect buttons

Tutorials (

  • Uplaod with Filezilla
  • All autostart functions
  • Filename-Fixer
  • Mapper remote versions

Opensource rocks, closedsource sucks
©2018 marc-andré gasser