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OSC Commands for PocketVJ

You can change these values and commands in /sync/osc_control.js

Osc Receiving port: 9876

//# Global commands


  • Stop every task


  • Activate test screen


  • Test screen off


  • Shutdown PocketVJ


  • Reboots PocketVJ


  • Reboots all PocketVJ's identified in sync/rebootall/ with default IP address,, 102, 103, ...., 107. Will Reboot current PVJ despite correct IP address.


  • Similar to reboot all, but will shutdown all PocketVJ's with default IP addresses. (, 102, 103, ...., 107)

//# Audio Output and Testtone section


  • Plays audio test tone


  • Plays test tone in right only


  • Plays test tone in left only


  • Adjusts volume up


  • Adjusts volume down


  • Sets audio to use HDMI port


  • Sets audio to use 3.5mm Jack port


  • Sets audio to use both HDMI and 3.5mm ports


  • Sets audio to use USB / or PiHat device. Sets also values to alsa:hw:1,0

//# Display adjustments


  • Wakes up display


  • Puts display to sleep


  • Sets screen rotation to normal


  • Rotates screen 90 degrees


  • Rotates screen 180 degrees startmasterone97 /rotate270

  • Rotates screen 270 degrees


  • Flips screen Horizontally


  • Flips screen Vertically

//# Clock Display and color Changes


  • Displays clock on screen


  • Changes clock color to Red


  • Changes clock color to Green


  • Changes clock color to Orange


  • Changes clock color to Pink

//# Video Control Section


  • Pauses current video


  • Skips forward 10 frames of current video


  • Stops current video only


  • Starts master video player loop


  • Plays Video 1 from Master (Slaves will follow)


  • Plays Video 2


  • Plays Video 3


  • Plays Video 4


  • Plays Video 5


  • Plays Video 6


  • Plays Video 7


  • Plays Video 8


  • Plays Video 9


  • Plays Video 10


  • Plays Video 11


  • Plays Video 12

and so on, currently up to /startmaster99


  • Plays Video o1 once

and so on, currently up to  /startmasterone99


  • Sets 'this' device to slave (will wait for Master video to begin)

//# Imageplayer


  • Starts image player


  • Stops Image player


  • Image player from USB


  • Starts manual image player


  • Start .png Overlay


  • Stops .png Overlay

//# PDF Player


  • Starts PDF Player


  • Starts PDF from USB player

//# Audio Player(s)


  • Starts audio player


  • Sets 'this' device as audio slave


  • Starts the audio player in USB mode


  • Stops the audio player

//# Projector Control


  • Turns the projector on (see PVJ manual for how to control over RJ45)


  • Turns the projector off

//# Custom Script Control

**Note: This section is for custom scripts.  These commands below are for their default functions. Scripts can be changed here* `/sync/customfunction1 & /sync/customfunction2`


  • Starts all Pi Cameras on default IP address,, 102, 103, ...., 107.


  • Ready's all video players on default IP's 101, 102, 103, ...., 107. for Master video to begin. Kills all other running processes

//# Pi Camera settings


  • Disables the Pi Camera, must reboot to see changes.


  • Enables the Pi Camera, must reboot to see changes


  • Starts the live Pi Camera feed, ^ The camera must be enabled first.


  • Sets the Camera FX to none / default


  • Sets gPen Camera FX


  • Sets Sketch Camera FX


  • Sets Emboss Camera FX


  • Sets Hatch Camera FX

//# Softedge settings


  • Horizontal Softedge 100px


  • Horizontal Softedge 200px


  • Vertical Softedge 100px


  • Vertical Softedge 200px

// Syphon Receiver On/OFF


  • (Re)start TCP Syphon Receiver

// NDI Send / Receive


  • Starts NDI Receiver


  • Starts NDI sender

//# Pi Wall


  • Starts pi wall Master


  • Starts pi wall Master loop

written by Cornelius Henke III a.k.a. ProjectileObjects