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Magento extension to create automated marketing campaigns that run for a set period of time and target customers determined by multiple filters.
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Mzax Emarketing

Magento extension to create automated marketing campaigns that run for a set period of time and target customers determined by multiple filters.

You can find it as well on Magento Connect and there is also more information at, also make sure to check out the wiki here at GitHub.

Email Marketing at Magento Connect

What does it?

Send emails to a specific group of your customers, whom you can easily define via a combination of filters.

Email Marketing Tool Magento

Create automated campaigns that will check for new recipients at any specified interval (e.g. birthdays, abandoned shopping carts, order confirmation).

There are no hidden cost, no sign-ups etc; this extension runs completely in your Magento instance. Though a donation is always appreciated :)

This project is currently in an early beta release, but it is already quite powerful. My focus during development was three-fold:

  • Easy to use. Very little coding (or even no coding) is required. Most tasks can be accomplished without any coding experience. This makes it great for marketing professionals who don’t want to deal with the hassle of coding.

  • Flexible and open. With a minimum of skills, you can take things a step further and create even more powerful and personalised campaigns. As a developer you can extend and improve your campaigns in order to create custom functionality to suit your needs.

  • Strong reporting. Collecting data is great, but using it is better. Top-knotch analytics are important for determining if a campaign works or not. I will try my best to aggregate the data and present it in a way that makes sense to the largest number of people possible.

  • Auto-login from email with expiration timestamp

  • CSS-inlining

  • Filter Bounces & Auto-replies

  • Email forwarding for human responses

  • Many event hooks for custom functionality and features

  • Domain-throttling

  • Template Editor with live preview and syntax highlighter

  • Email editor with WYSIWYG

  • Many filters for segmentation

  • Auto-check for new recipients

  • Time filters to define when a campaign should be sent out

  • A-B testing

  • Test mode and debug mode

  • Different GeoIP adapter for finding user details

and more...

AB-Test reproting to find out what works best Email Marketing Tool Magento AB Test Results

Many filters to target your customers Email Marketing Tool Magento Advanced Filters

Great reporting Email Marketing Tool Magento Reproting

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