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Handling bounces, auto responses and replies

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Handling bounces, auto responses and replies

You need to do a few minor configurations in order to handle bounces or replies automatically.

Set up a new POP3 account

Before you can use this feature, you need to set up a new POP3 email account that is linked to your email address which you use for sending out the marketing emails. Ideally you want to use something like instead of

Make sure to create a new email account and not use any existing account, because once the extension is linked to your mailbox it will go and download and then delete any emails that are send to that account.

Configure your Magento

Once you have your POP3 account details, go to your Magento Admin -> System -> Configuration and find the tab called “eMarketing” on the right under “Customers” and then look for the section called “Inbox / Bounce Messages”.

Inbox/Bounce Magento Configuration

Here is a quick explanation of each of those settings.

Enable Inbox - Enable it, this will allow the extension to check for new emails on the account provided bellow.

Storage Type - Right now only POP3 is implemented, need something else, let me know.

Hostname - Here you have to enter the host from your POP3 account, this can be an IP or a domain.

Username, Password - Enter your username and password for your POP3 box here.

Port - You can define the port to connect to, usually you want to connect via SSL on port 995.

SSL/TLS - Use secure connection, I am sure your email provider can handle those.

Forward non-bonce messages - Recommended, if a user replies on your email campaigns you want to receive that message, so the extension checks for Bounces and Auto-replies and if the message is neither it will forward that email to the specified email addresses.

Forward Sender - The sender to use when forwarding you the human replies.

Forward to emails - A comma separated list of all emails that should receive any human replies. You can also set campaign specific email address, which is useful if you have certain campaigns where certain members of your team are responsible for.

Unsubscribe Bounces - If enabled, recommended, the extension will unsubscribe the email address from your newsletter if it receives a hard bounce. This will help keeping your email list clean.

Max Inbound Email Size - The extension will connect to your email boxes and will download all emails. It will however first check the headers and check the size of the email. You can ignore emails that exceed a certain size limit. 99.9% of the cases an email will be bellow 1Mbyte. This is just a safety setting, so big emails will not block the system. The email will still be downloaded by the content will be truncated.