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Vote and discuss future and existing topics for


Please head over to the issues and start voting.

If there is a topics you wish would be covered soon please give it a 👍 reaction.

If there are topics you find missing please add them to the issue list, too.

How does it work

The main purpose of this repository is to collect feedback from you.

The topics for are represented as issues in the tracker of this repository.

We will not necessarily pick the topic with the highest votes next, but the feedback collected here will certainly have a big influence.

The list is very much a work in progress. In fact, I think it will never be "finished".

Each topic will correspond to a dozen or more screencasts.

I'll be adding new topics and also will be adding details on existing topics every once in a while.

If we think an issue has been covered completely, we will close it.

Please feel free to open new issues for topics if you think something is missing in the list, or to open topics for existing screencasts in case you think the topic is incomplete or something is wrong.

You can also use the issue tracker to simply ask questions. In the end it's a communication channel.

Voting for topics

You can vote for topics by adding 👍, 🎉 or ❤️ reactions to the issue.

How to vote gif

Suggesting new topics

Suggest new topics by opening new issues.

Reporting issues with screencasts

Once has launched, please open issues for any problems with existing screencasts, too, just like you would for a software project.

Of course you can also send feedback via email or twitter, too.


Discussion and voting on future and existing topics.



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