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* How to write "atoum" ? "ATOUM" ? "Atoum" ?
The official name is "atoum".
* How to contribute to atoum ?
Just send an email to to say that you want to contribute to atoum.
* Why some classes has name *\phpClass instead of *\class ?
The word "class" is reserved by PHP, so it's not possible to use this name for a class.
In this case, the atoum convention is to prefix name with word "php".
* Where is the documentation ?
Currently, unit test is the documentation.
You find them in path/to/atoum/tests/units.
We work to write a real documentation and if you want to help to .
* Why php mageekguy.atoum.phar does not works ?
Try a "php -n mageekguy.atoum.phar" in a terminal.
If it works, the problem is in your PHP configuration.
Try to remove ioncube extension, which seems not compatible with atoum.
If you use suhosin, you can also add "suhosin.executor.include.whitelist="phar"" to your php.ini.
Try to add "detect_unicode=0" in your php.ini.
* What can i do to avoid error about __COMPILER_HALT_OFFSET__ ?
Use only require_once to include mageekguy.atoum.phar in your scripts.
* Why I get a fail message when testing a class that uses APC ?
APC is "a free, open, and robust framework for caching and optimizing PHP intermediate code" ( distributed under the form of a PHP extension.
When testing classes that use APC, you may get some failure message showing that apc_fetch is unable to retrieve a value.
As all PHP extension, APC has some configuration options to enable it :
- apc.enabled : Whether to enable or disable APC
- apc.enable_cli : Whether to enable or disable APC for PHP CLI
Setting apc.enabled to 1 in your CLI configuration does not do the trick : to avoid these failure message, you have to set the apc.enable_cli option to 1, otherwise, the extension won't be enabled for the PHP CLI version, which is used by atoum.
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