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Extension to support Galleria JavaScript image gallery in Yii.
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Yii galleria

Extension to support Galleria JavaScript image gallery in Yii.

What's new

  • Upgrade Galleria to version 1.2.8 2012-08-09
  • Support Galleria plugins, history plugin enabled by default (but others not tested)
  • Support Galleria themes
  • Support min.js or not min .js if Yii DEBUG defined, all JS, CSS in one assets folder
  • Separate thumbnails and images as option
  • Added imagePrefix (behavior), imagePrefixSeparator
  • Added srcPrefix and srcPrefixThumb (example use normal image path and thimbnail image path)


Tested with Yii 1.1.11, but should work with previous versions too


Extract zip archive to ./webapp/protected/extension/galleria

Add import of galleria extension in your config/main.php file:


Using galleria Behavior

Add to image model:

    public function behaviors()
        return array(
            'galleria' => array(
                'class' => 'application.extensions.galleria.GalleriaBehavior',
                'image' => 'file_name', //required, will be image name of src
                'imagePrefix' => 'id',//optional, not required
                'description' => 'description',//optional, not required
                'title' => 'name',//optional, not required


$photos = new CActiveDataProvider('GalleryPhoto');

$this->widget('Galleria', array(
    'dataProvider' => $photos,
    'imagePrefixSeparator' => '-',//if set 'imagePrefix' => '' in behaviors; separate - imagePrefix{Separator}image
    'srcPrefix' => '/uploads/gallery/',
    'srcPrefixThumb' => '/uploads/gallery/thumb/',
    #'themeName' => 'folio',//classic by default
    #'plugins' => array('history', 'flickr', 'picasa'),//history by default
    'options' => array(//galleria options
        'transition' => 'fade',
        #'debug' => true,

Binding in widget

$photos = new CActiveDataProvider('GalleryPhoto');

$this->widget('Galleria', array(
    'dataProvider' => $photos,
    'dataProvider' => $data,
    'binding' => array(
        'image' => 'file_name',

Only widget, without Dataprovider and behaviour etc

<?php $this->beginWidget('Galleria');?>
    <img src="/uploads/gallery/1.jpg" alt="Description of image" title="Title of image" />
    <img src="/uploads/gallery/2.jpg" />
    <img src="/uploads/gallery/3.jpg" />
    <img src="/uploads/gallery/4.jpg" />
<?php $this->endWidget();?>


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