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v1.3.0 - Build with specific versions of Go

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@natefinch natefinch released this 11 Sep 02:00
· 116 commits to master since this release

This release adds a -gocmd to the list of flags you can use with mage. This flag allows you to choose what command mage runs when it builds the binary of your magefile. This can be useful if you have multiple versions of go installed (e.g. with go get, and different projects need to be built with different versions of go.

Now you can run mage -gocmd go1.11 build . or mage -gocmd go1.8.7 install etc.

The default is to use whatever "go" command is first in your path.

There's also a MAGEFILE_GOCMD environment variable you can set if you want to always default to something other than "go".


bd5486e Add support for choosing what binary to run with mage (#146)
e592274 new demo video