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Magic Another Game Engine

XMage - Magic, Another Game Engine

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XMage allows you to play Magic against one or more online players or computer opponents. It includes full rules enforcement for over 10,000 unique cards (nearly 20,000 counting all cards from different editions). Starting with Eventide, all regular sets have nearly all the cards implemented (detailed overview).

There are public servers where you can play XMage against other players. You can also host your own server to play against the AI and/or your friends.

You can visit the XMage forum here.


  • Deck editor (load and save decks)
  • Simple computer AI opponent
  • Two player duel or a multiplayer free-for-all game with up to 10 players
  • Supports special formats like Commander (up to 10 players), Cube, Tiny Leaders, Super Standard, Historic Standard
  • There are two tournament types supported (elimination or swiss type handling), which can be played with up to 16 players:
    • Booster (also Cube) draft tournaments (4-16)
    • Sealed (also from Cube) tournaments (2-16)


Download and install the latest XMage release. You will need to have Version 7 or later of the Java Runtime Environment.

Look here for more detailed instructions. Here you can find a log of the latest changes.


If you are interested in developing XMage, here are some useful resources:

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