Features and fixes not released yet

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Features and fixes not released yet

Here we are maintaining a list of things that were already fixed by the developers. Because this fixes are not included in a public release yet, they are not applied to public xmage servers.


User interface (UI)

  • Added ignored list to tournaments (users from ignored list can't join to your new tournaments and tables);
  • Improved chat help about \ignore command (ignored users can't join your new tournaments and tables);
  • Added new skill level column with star icons instead text (tables view);
  • Improved import from clipboard dialog (if clipboard contains text then it's auto-paste on open);
  • Changed default USA server from vaporservermtg.com to mtg.powersofwar.com;


  • Added missing images for WPN and Gateway Promos (GRC) set in scryfall source;

Deck editor

  • Added card sorting by rarity column (#4414);


  • AI: improved and updated cards ratings/scores system for computer (ratings uses for card casting, drafting, battlefield analyse and decision making, see #5397 and #5399);
  • AI: latest sets/cards got updated ratings from http://www.draftaholicsanonymous.com/
  • AI: improved scores calculation:
    • rare and compatible multicolor cards have a higher value for the computer;
    • removers have a higher value for the computer.


  • Added many new sets, use scryfall to download images for it;
  • Added new set Ultimate Masters (UMA) with 41+ cards (:x: TODO: change it to real cards count after full implement);
  • Added new set Ultimate Box Topper Promos (PUMA) with 40 cards;
  • Added new set Game Night (GNT) with 68 cards (5 new);
  • Added new set Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits (GK1) with 127 cards;
  • Added new set from "MTG: Arena" - Arena New Player Experience (ANA) with 39 cards, 2 tokens (18 new);
  • Added new set Anthologies (ATH) with 85 cards;
  • Added 6 missing cards to Masters Edition II (ME2);
  • Completed set Urza's Legacy (ULG) with 4 new cards;
  • Completed set Urza's Saga (USG) with 17 new cards;


FIXES ----------------------------

User interface (UI)

  • Fixed wrong game selection by double click on tables list (#5239);
  • Fixed not working deck generation for some settings (#5413);


  • Fixed that some sets uses same images for multi-images cards:
    • Guilds of Ravnica (GRN), Commander Anthology Volume II (CM2), Battlebond (BBD);
    • From the Vault: Transform (V17), Media Inserts (MBP), WPN and Gateway Promos (GRC), Alliances (ALL);
  • Fixed that some sets missing lands in lands/decks generation;

Deck editor




  • Fixed Coldsnap (CSP) booster that it missing of land card;
  • Fixed Battlebond (BBD) booster that it missing of land card;
  • Fixed a problem with casting split cards from non hand zone;
  • Server: fixed error on missing xmage.properties file settings on feedback receive;
  • Fixed wrong json logs for choose ability events;



  • Fixed exception error on copy of copy of aura for some enchantments like Estrid's masks, Animate Dead, etc;
  • Fixed wrong copy effects on rollbacks or errors;


  • Brilliant Ultimatum - Fixed that it was not checked if the player is still allowed to play a land;
  • Chance for Glory - Fixed that it was set indestructible all permanents instead creatures (#5425);
  • Earth Surge - Fixed that it applies to controller's lands instead all players;
  • Etrata The Silencer - Fixed that it did not cause a game loss when a player had three cards with Hit counters;
  • Glarecaster - Fixed that its redirect ability allows for multiple redirects not only if damage is dealt at the same time (#5368);
  • Grip Of Chaos - Fixed that it's can target itself on the stack (#5409);
  • Mind Bomb - Fixed that it can't do damage to players with 0 selected cards;
  • Mistveil Plains - Fixed that the card was not moved to library;
  • Ob Nixilis, Unshacked - Fixed that it doesn't triggered on failing to find a card (#5367);
  • Pemmin's Aura - Fixed exception error after enchanted creature died;
  • Sins of the Past - Fixed that it can cast cards from any library instead controller's;
  • Sylvan Library - Fixed that the order of the cards put back to library was random;
  • Temur War Shaman - Fixed that fight was not optional (#5410);
  • Whispering Snitch - Fixed that it also triggered if other players surveilled;
  • Fixed wrong card text: Machinate, Spell Contortion, Warleader's Helix;


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