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An app to make it easier to explore and curate output from a Music Transformer
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Listen to Transformer

Piano Transformer is an open source machine learning model from the Magenta research group at Google that can generate musical performances with some long-term structure. We find it interesting to see what these models can and can’t do, so we made this app to make it easier to explore and curate the model’s output.

Screenshot of the main UI

You can read more about the model in the blog post announcing it, the research paper it was published in, or the blog post about this app.

Running it locally

Clone this repo, start your favourite local dev server and navigate to the index.html in your browser.

If you don't have a web server (like http-server) to run locally (or don't know what this means), then you can install this project's dev dependencies and run the start command:

git clone
cd listen-to-transformer
npm install
npm start  # Then navigate to in your browser.
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