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Basic AWS Integration

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Integrate the extension with AWS Event Bridge

Access to an AWS account is required for this guide.

Create a new IAM user

  1. Use the Services menu to navigate to the IAM service.
  2. Select "Users" from the left menu panel
  3. Click "Add User"
  4. Fill out user info
    • Provide username
    • Select "Programmatic Access"
    • Create a new group with AmazonEventBridgeFullAccess and add to this group
  5. Proceed through remaining steps
  6. Record the access key and secret created for that user

Configure Event Bridge

  1. Create a new SQS queue (
  2. Navigate to the Event Bridge service.
  3. Create a new event rule for an event bus (a default event bus exists)
  4. To match all events (Event Pattern -> Pre-defined patter by service -> All Events)
  5. Set the target to the SQS from step 1
  6. Save the rule

Configure extension in Magento

  1. In Magento admin go to Stores -> Configuration -> Services -> Amazon Event Bridge
  2. Fill in all fields (use credentials for IAM user created earlier)
  3. Save configuration

Test Integration

  1. Use the test command in AmazonEventBridge module bin/magento eventbridge:test. There is no output, check var/log/debug.log for errors
  2. Pull message from SQS using bin/magento eventbridge:sqs:receive --queue=<SQS QUEUE URL>
    • Or navigate to the SQS queue you created before and used in the event bridge rule
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