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Import Export Improvements

The aim of this project is to provided improvements to the Import/Export functionality in the Magento core, (release version 2.3). Priority will be driven by community need and feedback. To join the discussion please contact https://github.com/dmanners or use the #import-export channel in the engcom slack.


The key labels in this project will be:

  1. high priority: To highlight the high priority tasks,
  2. good first issue: To highlight issues that might be good for first time contributors,
  3. nice to have: To highlight issues that are of lower priority,
  4. needs reevaluation: To highlight issues that need to be double checked on newer versions of Magento2,
  5. considered for back-porting: To highlight issues that should be back-ported to older versions of Magento. This label will be added when picking up a task if we see it should be back-ported.

Issue board

Issues on this project can be found in the Phase 1 board. When thinking about taking an issue please communicate with the team about which issue to pick up or if someone else would like assistance with their current task.


Collaboration can come in multiple ways.

  1. Fixing issues,
  2. Code reviews,
  3. Issue reviews,

If you are interested in fixing an issue please comment on the issue that you would be interested in work on this task and assign the issue to yourself. Note that if this is your first issue you will need a github invitation to the project before you can assign issues, please let us know and we will send the invitation.

Discuss this PR

Ivan Chepurnyi created this PR at may 2017. It has some very good features in it. We should ask Ivan why development stopped and whats the current status. (https://github.com/magento/magento2/pull/9480)

Issues in Github (magento/magento2)


Available import modules by third-party right now:

To Join the project please register for our slack via http://tinyurl.com/engcom-slack and join our #import-export Slack Channel

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