Magento Extension to get health of your Magento installation (Server, PHP, APC, Logs, Rewrites, Modules version installed ...)
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Magento module to get health information of your Magento installation (Server, PHP, Database, Cache, Logs, Rewrites, Modules version installed, ...)

License OSL v3


  • Flexible yet simple plugin framework to execute checks or other tasks
  • Easily automate tasks with the provided WatchDog interface, includes aggregated reports for less spam. Get notified when your log files start moving!
  • Plugins can be added from other modules via config.xml declaration
  • UI fully configurable via frontend or config.xml
  • Merged with Healthcheck

The default plugins currently provide the following information:

  • OS / Server / Memory Information / Magento version vs available
  • Database Information
  • PHP version and some important configuration values vs recommended
  • Store configuration checks
  • Modules installed, their version number, their status and some recommended extensions
  • Product composition / types
  • Cache statistics with option to flush each cache or all at once (APC, APCU, Memcache, Redis, ZendOpcache)
  • Magento debug/exception log monitoring
  • Check for class and template file rewrites
  • SEO / Privacy / Security / Cron / Important files / Patches check



Log into the Magento backend and navigate to: System > Monitoring AND/OR System > Configuration > Advanced > Monitoring

Installation Instructions

Via modman

  • Install modman
  • Use the command from your Magento installation folder: modman clone

Via composer

    "require": {
    "repositories": [
            "type": "composer",
            "url": ""
        "magento-root-dir": "./"
  • Then from your composer.json folder: php composer.phar install or composer install


  • You can copy the files from the folders of this repository to the same folders of your installation

Installation in ALL CASES

  • Clear the cache, logout from the admin panel and then login again.


  • Remove all extension files from your Magento installation
  • Via modman: modman remove Hackathon_MageMonitoring
  • Via composer, remove the line of your composer.json related to magento-hackathon/hackathon_magemonitoring and do php composer.phar update

Core Contributors

Special Thanks to Shopwerft for their contribution