Composer Repository for Magento Modules
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Magento Module Composer Repository

The URL of the repository is

For further information on how to use composer for Magento modules, please visit the Magento Composer Installer project.

This Repository uses Satis. We probably should switch to a custom packagist repository instead of satis, but that requires more dedicated setup time and infrastructure. If you happen to want to sponsor that, please let us know.

Want your Magento module published?

  1. Add a modman file to your module
  2. Add a composer.json to your module
  3. Create a pull request for the satis.json

Hint: Satis recognizes only annotated tags (git tag -a) as versions.

Building the packages.json

You don't need this if you only want to have your module published...

  • php bin/satis build satis.json <build-dir>
  • Copy the updated files to the gh-pages-branch and push them