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PWA Studio deliverables will continue to focus on delivering improvements in the areas of developer and shopper experience. Where 2018 created a great foundation, providing a baseline toolset for developers to begin creating their own PWAs, we are committed to advancing themes of: ease of use, implementation, and unlocking additional features in a PWA shopper experience.

Phase 1 - Complete

Continued focus on developer experience and ease of use by advancing concepts of modularity and additional developer tools/concepts.

Development Experience

  • Compatibility with Magento 2.3.1 Release
  • GraphQL Support
  • Docker Availability
  • Expansion of Test Coverage
  • Continued Performance and Quality Improvements

Shopper Experience

  • Modular Venia
  • Modular Component Library (Peregrine)
    • Definition and Developer Docs
    • Migration from Venia to Peregrine Hook Components
      • Search

Phase 2 - In Progress

Continued focus on Peregrine Hooks library and Venia refactoring for modularity.

Developer Experience

  • GraphQL support
  • Extensibility Discovery
    • Marketplace support
  • Improvements for Project Scaffolding and Setup

Shopper Experience

  • Modular Component Library (Peregrine Hooks):
    • Product Detail
    • Navigation
    • Category Detail
    • Checkout
    • Gallery
    • Faceting
    • Payment/ Shipping Methods
  • Venia Component Enhancements
    • Toast Notifications
    • Category Filters

Phase 3 - Future

  • Shopper Experience additional features
  • Page Builder Integration and Availability
  • Adobe Experience Manager Integration
  • B2B Theming


Below outlines commitments and roadmap from 2018, which culminated with the 2.0 release for PWA Studio.

Phase 1 - Complete

Early adoption of PWA Studio and Venia reference storefront (theme) for merchants, partners and developers to start using PWA with Magento.

Development Experience

  • Developer tools, framework, whitepaper and examples to give developers what they need to create POC of PWA with * Magento and contribute to Community Engineering.
  • Standards-based “headless” approach with Magento
  • Basic configuration and setup with documentation
  • Basic development workflow (partial real-time)
  • Basic optimization and feedback (concept)
  • Basic Magento 2.3+ integration

Shopping Experience

  • Product Details
  • Category
  • Checkout (basic)
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Confirmation

Phase 2 - Complete (MVP)

Continued progress on Development and Shopping experiences as part of Magento 2.3 release in late 2018. Completion of architecture and extensibility along with key improvements to configuration, setup and workflow for developer enablement.

Development Experience

  • Architecture (continued)
  • Extensibility updates for Magento 2
  • Middle-tier architecture and template for SEO and interoperability (UPWARD)
  • Data and content access layer with GraphQL and REST (fallback)
  • Configuration and setup
  • Improved documentation and examples
  • Updates for “smart” defaults
  • Workflow improvements
  • Real-time updates for IDE (Webpack)
  • Additional rules for optimization and best practices (performance)
  • Magento 2.3+ integration
  • Multi-store deployment (multi-casting)

Shopping Experience

  • Homepage, Category, Product Details and Checkout (basic)
  • Shipping address and methods (static)
  • Payment methods (check, money order)
  • Basic content (CMS)
  • Basic navigation
  • Account management (create and manage)
  • Basic offline and device support (web app manifest, service worker)

Phase 3 - Complete

Current plan for Development and Shopping experiences after Magento 2.3 including completion of Venia PWA storefront with focus on extension support and developer enablement after our first release.

Development Experience

  • Support for Magento Commerce Cloud (Pro) deployment
  • Improved data and content access layer with GraphQL and REST (fallback)
  • Performance improvements (optimization)
  • Additional refactoring and modularity

Shopping Experience

  • Purchase history (including order details) with Account
  • Sorting and filtering for Category
  • Payment methods (credit/debit via Braintree)
  • Additional product types (bundled, virtual, gift card)
  • Address management
  • Advanced search
  • Wish lists
  • Gift registry
  • Coupon codes
  • Subscriptions
  • Store credit and loyalty (points)
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