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AWS SQS is a distributed & fault tolerant Queuing Technology; it provides point to point connectivity. It can be used with SNS to add publish / subscribe mechanism as well. Single message gets replicated across different SQS Servers.

High Level Architecture


SQS uses Visibility Timeout to prevent other consumers to receive the same message, during which a consumer has to Delete the message explicitly afrer processing it or the message will be available for others for reuse.


Evaluation Table - Details
Method Evaluation Implementation Readiness
dequeue() Available ReceiveMessage() - possiblity with many available options for instance long & short polling.
acknowledge() Possiblity DeleteMessage() for positive acknowledge, by default message locked for Visibility Timeout period for other consumers.
subscribe() Workaround ReceiveMessage() - Using polling based mechanism, it can be implemented; but not exactly as true callback mechanism.
reject() Possiblity The messages are auto visible again for consumption, if explicit DeleteMessage() is not called before timeout, as explained above.
push() Available SendMessage()


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