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8- Adobe I/O

Adobe I/O is a serverless event driven platform that allows you to quickly deploy custom functions/code in the cloud without any server setup. These functions executes via HTTP requests or Adobe I/O Events. These Events can be orchestrated with Sequences & Compositions. It is built on top of Apache OpenWhisk framework.

Events are triggered by Event Providers within Adobe Services, for instance Creative Cloud Assets, Adobe Experience Manager & Adobe Analytics. To start listening to events for your application, you need to register a Webhook (URL endpoint) specifying which Event Types from which Event Providers it wants to receive; Adobe pushes events to your webhook via HTTP POST messages.

"Magento SaaS based next generation platform can push it's Events on Adobe I/O Events like other Adobe Services, to be consumed by Developers through Adobe I/O Runtime for custom functionality and integrations. But it is not a right candidate for Magento Event Bus"

Adobe I/O Runtime Docs

Apache OpenWhisk

Adobe I/O Events

Example Architecture

Here is a nice example of Slack integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for asset change notification,

Adobe I/O Events

For more details follow the link

Evaluation Table - Details
Method Evaluation Implementation Readiness
dequeue() Not Possible or N/A There is not a concept of explicit fetching of event, rather you define a trigger/event and the actions associated with it.
acknowledge() Not Possible or N/A This concept is not used, the architecture is funadementally different
subscribe() Not Possible or N/A A PHP callback function is not possible, although a custom webhook (http endpoint) can be configured to be triggered for a particular Event.
reject() Not Possible or N/A This concept is not used, the architecture is funadementally different
push() Not Possible or N/A Events are triggered by Adobe SaaS Services in the Adobe Cloud as discussed above.


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