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6- Azure Service Bus

Microsoft Azure Service Bus is a fully managed enterprise integration message broker. It support familiar concepts like Queues, Topics, Rules/Filters and much more.

High Level Architecture



Evaluation Table - Details

Azure Service Bus supports AMQP 1.0, and couple of languages, PHP support is again limited for the protocol

AMQP Azure Service Bus Overview

azure-uaqmp-c PHP Bindings for AMQP 1.0

Exported PHP Modules from C Native Library

Method Evaluation Implementation Readiness
dequeue() Available receive()
acknowledge() Available accept() / release()
subscribe() *Workaround Long Polling might need to be implemented, unless we find a good library that supports AMQP 1.0 for PHP; Java has full support for required features.
reject() Available reject(errorCondition, errorDescription)
push() Available sendMessage(message, destination)


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