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Evaluation of Technologies

There are many messaging technologies available in the market, we are specially focusing on Cloud Managed services, for this exercise. Please note that this evaluation is based on the current interface/contract and evaluating the possiblity of having another implementation of QueueInterface without breaking related functionality.

Interface based Comparison Summary

Method (1) AWS EventBridge (2) AWS MQ (3) AWS SQS (4) AWS Kinesis
dequeue() Not Possible or N/A Available Available Possibility
acknowledge() Not Possible or N/A Available Possiblity Possiblity
subscribe() Not Possible or N/A *Workaround *Workaround Workaround
reject() Not Possible or N/A Available Possiblity Possiblity
push() Available Available Available Possiblity
Method (5) Apache Kafka (6) Azure Service Bus (7) PHP Enqueue Library (8) Adobe I/O
dequeue() Possiblity Available Available Not Possible or N/A
acknowledge() Possiblity Available Available Not Possible or N/A
subscribe() Possiblity *Workaround Available Not Possible or N/A
reject() Possiblity Available Available Not Possible or N/A
push() Possiblity Available Available Not Possible or N/A

*Workaround - Feature maybe available but full support for PHP (library) is not available.


Twitter Poll Results

Recent Twitter poll from #magento community shows huge interest in Apache Kafka and AWS SQS; there was also some interest in using Redis in this regard as well.


Programming Language Support

AMQP 1.0 is not fully supported within any PHP library currently available (at the time of writing this document), although indirect C wrapper API is available, which will incur bit of setup overhead for the Magento customers, and it also provides subset of functionality. Unlike RabbitMQ which works with AMQP 0.9, Amazon MQ and Azure Service Bus supports AMQP version 1.0; although Amazon MQ supports more protocols.

Platform PHP Java Notes
AWS EventBridge Supported Supported
AWS/Amazon MQ Workaround Supported Java has support for many protocols unlike PHP, in which subscribe() can be implemented using listener or channel based callback for asynchronous message consumption.
AWS SQS Supported Supported JMS support for SQS is also available,
AWS Kinesis Supported Supported
Apache Kafka Supported Supported, Native Support
Azure Service Bus Workaround Supported AMQP 1.0 and limited Java JMS support available; most of the functionality can be fully supported in Java because of broader libraries and support

PHP Queue Abstraction - Libraries

As discussed above there is not a good support available for AMQP 1.0 in PHP; but we have PHP Enqueue and Symfony libraries available which provides an abstration layer over multiple brokers.

Supported Brokers / Protocols Notes
Enqueue Apcahe Kafka, AWS SQS/SNS, AMQP 0.9, Database, MongoDB, Redis etc. Enqueue tries to follow JMS specification as close as possible; although this library does not have very good documentation.
Theoretically this library can enable multiple brokers for Magento; with only few deviations in terms of configurations.
Checkout PHP Enqueue Library Evaluation Table
Symfony AMQP 0.9, Doctorine, Redis, In Memory, Serializing Messages This is more mature framework with active community, also has better documentation
Symfony via Enqueue Transport Add support for Enqueue Brokers with Symfony

Use Case Summary of Technologies

To summarize different technologies, and how they stack up together, the diagram and table below will help you visualize

Technology Segmentation

Platform Pub/Sub Mechanism Connectivity Messge Ordering / FIFO High Throughput Data Streaming Rule Based Filter / Routing
AWS EventBridge *Available
(limited to AWS Targets)
*HTTPS (for publishers only) Available
AWS MQ Available JMS, NMS, AMQP 1.0, STOMP, MQTT, WebSocket *Available
AWS SQS HTTPS *Available
AWS Kinesis Available HTTP/2 Persistent and HTTP REST *Available Available
Apache Kafka Available TCP Socket, Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams Apps *Available Available
Azure Service Bus Available AMQP 1.0 and REST *Available
Adobe I/O *Available
(limited to Adobe Event Providers)
*HTTP Webhooks (for subscribers only, designed for integration with Adobe SaaS solutions) Available

*Available with some limitations

**Other Aspects to consider (consumer groups, batching, multi-tenant seggregation, message encryption/security, aggregation, counting, scheduling, dead-letter queue)

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