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Message Queue Processing Design

Currently we have two types of implementations of QueueInterface.

Implementation Description
MySQL This is based on MySQL database, currently it doesn't support the Bulk APIs; this doesn't scale well and designed for out of the box experience; for practical purposes RabbitMQ should be utilized to handle large scale requirements
RabbitMQ RabbitMQ implementations is based on AMQP protocol, which supports callback mechanism and polling based approach as its supported by underlying channel implementation & specification

Queue Interface UML Diagram

Consumers Runner Process

ConsumersRunner is the main class, which facilitates the processing of Queued Messages, and based on the configuration in queue_consumer.xml, it calls the appropriate ConsumerInterface implementation.

Queue Interface UML Diagram

Different Types of Consumers

This QueueInterface is been utilized by Consumer classes, there are currently three different implementations of ConsumerInterface

Class Name Purpose / Description
1 Consumer This class is for both synchronous and asynchronous style message processing; in synchronous style topics, response is defined along with request in communication.xml; reponse queue name is made from original topic name by appending prefix.
2 MassConsumer This is mainly designed for asynchronous style message processing; primarily used for Async APIs and Async Bulk APIs
3 BatchConsumer This class supports batch processing of messages, helps in picking & merging the messages to a specified batch size, and then process them together, before querying another batch

Queue Interface UML Diagram

Queue Interface

The table below describes all the method expected to be implemented by the specific Queue provider, and the intention of what functionality is expected from these methods.

# Method Purpose / Description Related RabbitMQ Method
1 dequeue() Get a single message from the queue basic_get()
2 acknowledge() Acknowledge message delivery basic_ack()
3 subscribe() Wait for messages and dispatch them, this is based on pub/sub mechanism, consumes the messages through callbacks, until connection is closed basic_consume()
4 reject() Reject message, messages gets returned to the queue basic_reject()
5 push() Push message to queue directly without using exchange; it uses publish behind the scenes basic_publish()
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