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How Topics are Added

See How to propose a topic?

Code of Conduct

For presenters:

  1. Add your topic not later than 1h before the meeting starts. If no topics exists 1h before the meeting starts, it will be cancelled.
  2. The agenda works on FIFO base.
  3. Request reasonable timeframe for your topic, include time for questions.
  4. Watch the time. Do not go beyond your timeframe. Respect other presenters, their turn may never come if time ends. Meeting facilitator may ask you to stop the discussion if it takes too much time.
  5. Focus on the topic. If any side-questions arise, write them down and postpone the discussion to the next time.
  6. Describe the problem clearly, include necessary context, before going into details of the solution.
  7. Provide any supporting documentation as a PR on this repository (see Readme for the workflow), so people can leave their feedback.

For participants:

  1. Be present: listen, ask questions. If not you, then who?
  2. Help the presenter stay on topic by asking questions that help resolve the issue. Feel free to ask additional questions later in Slack, or mention that this is a question for the future discussion.