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UPDATE: We are working to facilitate pull requests and addressing issues on a regular basis. Once we post an official branch, we will port all items from the bugathon into that official branch. For the time being, you are welcome to continue creating pull requests. We will start reviewing them again once we have an official branch in place. Than…
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Latest commit 79b708a Tobias Zander Merge pull request #280 from airbone42/master
fix double space in exceptions
Failed to load latest commit information.
app fix double space in exceptions
dev Merge pull request #183 from magento/schrank-167
downloader initial commit
errors initial commit
includes initial commit
js Merge pull request #213 from magento/MAGE-4592
lib Added integration and unit tests frameworks.
media Added lost files
patch_files Create MultiStore_login_error
pkginfo initial commit
shell Use no cache in update script to avoid scheme caching
skin Merge pull request #192 from magento/therouv-18
taf Merge pull request #221 from magento/lindyk-109
var Added lost files
.gitignore Removed dev/tests/integration/tmp directory mistakenly commited by de…
.htaccess.sample Fixed #160: wrong default value for memory_limit in .htaccess.sample
LICENSE.html initial commit
LICENSE.txt initial commit
LICENSE_AFL.txt initial commit updated readme
RELEASE_NOTES.txt closes #157
api.php initial commit
cron.php initial commit initial commit
favicon.ico initial commit
get.php initial commit
index.php Added lost files
index.php.sample initial commit
install.php initial commit
mage initial commit
php.ini.sample initial commit


Code base for Magento Bugathon - March 2013 For upcoming EE 1.13 and CE 1.8 release

A big thank you to the community contributors that took part.

Please read the Wiki for further details

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