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MAGE-4426: Message "This product is currently out of stock." isn't displayed for Configurable and Bundle products, products are saleable. #106

choukalos opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Possibly already addressed; Check if issue can be reproduced, if yes please resolve.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create Configurable product;
  2. Create Bundle product;
  3. Go to front-end;
  4. Add configurable, bundle product's to shopping cart;
  5. Go to back-end;
  6. Edit Configurable product;
  7. Select Stock Availability - Out of stock;
  8. Click "Save";
  9. Edit Bundle Product;
  10. Select Stock Availability - Out of stock;
  11. Click "Save";
  12. Go to shopping cart to front-end;
  13. Refresh page.

(x) Actual results: Proceed to checkout is enabled. Any message about out of stock products isn't displayed, products are saleable.

(/) Expected results: Message "This product is currently out of stock." should be displayed under both products. Proceed to checkout should be disabled.

Bugathon PM: Chuck Choukalos

@fmarangi fmarangi was assigned
@fmarangi fmarangi was assigned

We researched a bit on this issue. A possible fix would be to extract the getIsInStock check from the method checkQuoteItemQty of sales/quote_item (line 580), so that it can be checked before we run all quantity checks - if the item is not in stock, there's no need to check quantities. With this new method - could be called checkQuoteItemIsInStock - we could perform the check in sales/observer::checkQuoteItemQty right after we get the quoteItem from the event. Also, it would be possible to proof product options individually and check quantities only if needed.


Issue merged into master branch and planned to be released with CE 1.8.1

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