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MAGE-6758: Link Position Setter Doesn't Work in Magento #37

choukalos opened this Issue Mar 4, 2013 · 7 comments

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There are two different ways to add navigation link in magento:

Mage_Page_Block_Template_Links::addLink method:
Mage_Page_Block_Template_Links::addLinkBlock method

When we try to add link using addLink method - it will sort array by position: ksort($this->_links);,
but when we add link by addLinkBlock($blockName) method it will add link by square bracket syntax: $this->_links[$this->_getNewPosition((int)$block->getPosition())] = $block;
In this case we produce wrong links order, because php add element at the end of array (index value doesn't make sense)
See php manual:

Possible solution:

Easy way:
Create public method for sorting links array then use it in addLink method. Add array sorting for addLinkBlock method.

Unix way:

  • We don't need to reorder link every time when we add new one (see _getNewPosition method). We could store link prosition in varien object and reorder them just before we try to get links in template (see getLinks method).
  • addLinkBlock method doesn't check object interface to be compatible with links, so we need to check instanse or interface of the object that we try to add as link
  • _beforeToHtml method set array pointer to the end of array - this can case misunderstanding in template when we get links by getLinks() method

Also try this flow -
1. Customer is registered
2. Order is created
1. Login to Frontend
2. Open "My Orders" tab
3. Open "View Order" page

Actual Result: "Items Ordered" grid show before order information

Expected result: "Items Ordered" grid show below order information

Bugathon PM - Ashish Kumar

@benmarks benmarks was assigned Mar 10, 2013

Suggested flow does not demonstrate the issue:
Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 9 34 41 PM


Two commits:

  • c24d284 - Provides a resolution to the missing ksort() for link blocks
  • 93afdc7 - reset()s the array pointer on the _links block in _beforeToHtml()


I was not able to look up the commits that you referenced. Could you please provide the direct links to them.

Thanks in advance!



I can submit a PR if that will help. Let me know. Thanks!



Please do. Thank you!


PR submitted: #275


This issue was merged and should be available as part of CE 1.8.1 release.

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