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How do I get access to the repository

  • Please ask one of the Magento Product Managers to add you to the access list.

What if a bug cannot be reproduced?

  • Please inform one of your local Magento team members and pick another issue

Rules against multiple issue assignment?

  • Please only pick one issue at a time that doesn't already have an owner

No experience with functional tests using our framework?

  • Have fun learning and don't be afraid to ask for help from one of your local Magento team members

I don't have the testing framework setup on my machine?

  • We have VM images available on USB memory sticks that have a store, sample data and testing framework all setup for you if you'd like to use them.

Pet project that you'd like to do instead?

  • If it's a merchant reported/requested item please talk to a local Magento PM about pulling this item into Github
  • Your own pet project? Again talk to a local Magento PM, but we encourage you to help with the issues prioritized for this bugfest
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