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Community Resources

This Community collection of resources links to blog posts, podcasts, presentations, and books created by members of the Magento community and core developers separated into popular topics.

New items will be added incrementally, and older links rotated out. Keep an eye on this space for the latest community resources!

Another community-based resource, focused on describing the Magento 2 environment, is the [Magento 2 Awesome List][0].

Do you know of a popular resource about Magento 2 that has been released/published within the past year? Does it fill gaps in our current docs and provide important information? [Let us know][1]!

{ .bs-callout-info} Magento does not officially endorse any of the linked blogs, books, presentation, or podcasts linked below. They are listed here because the content has been well received within the Magento community.

Best Practices

See our collection of best and leading practices, common solutions, and more in the [Community contributed best practices]({{ site.baseurl }}/community/resources/best-practices.html) guide. If you have excellent best practices, tips and tricks, and work-arounds, feel free to contribute!

Community Engineering Slack

To connect with Magento and the Community, join us on the [Magento Community Engineering Slack][]. If you are interested in joining Slack, or a specific channel, send us a request at or [self signup][].

We have [channels][] for each project, but the following channels are recommended for new members:

  • [announcements][]: Introduce yourself and get quick updates for Magento Community Engineering
  • [general][]: Open chat for introductions and Magento 2 questions
  • [appdesign][]: Open chat for Magento architecture and [technical guidelines][]
  • [coding-standards][]: Open chat for developing [coding standards][] for Magento
  • [github][]: Support for GitHub issues, pull requests, and processes
  • [public-backlog][]: Discussions of the Magento 2 backlog
  • [devdocs][]: Documentation contribution support

Resources and guides

  • Video [How to contribute during Magento Contribution Days][57] by [Max Pronko][35]
  • GitHub [Magento Resources][23] curated list by [Alessandro Ronchi][30]
  • Blog posts [Thoughts on Magento, PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, React, Docker, and user interface design][56] by [Mark Shust][38]
  • Videos [][24] by [Vinai Kopp][48]
  • Podcast [MageTalk][25] by [Phillip Jackson and Kalen][27]
  • Vlog [eCommerceAholic][26] by [TJ Gamble][28]
  • Statistics [Magestats][32] by [Marcel Hauri][33]
  • Videos [Magento Dev Channel with Max Pronko][34] by [Max Pronko][35]
  • Courses [Magento Courses][36] by [Max Pronko][35]
  • Videos [Mage2Katas][47] by [Vinai Kopp][48]
  • Blog posts [The Magento Blog][54] by Fooman

Magento APIs

  • Presentation [Magento 2 Integrations][2] by [Joshua Warren][31]
  • Presentation [Integrations with Magento, end to end story: RabbitMQ, APIs][3] by Eugene Tulika


  • GitHub [Magento 2 Docker][37] by [Mark Shust][38] (supports Magento 2.3.0, PHP 7.2, Elasticsearch)
  • Presentation [48 Hour Launches and Other Lessons Learned With Large-Scale Digital Transformations][29] by Joshua Warren of Creatuity
  • Blog post [Magento 2 - Launch Checklist][21] by [Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan][42]
  • Presentation [Magento 2 Deployment: What you should know][4] by [Olga KopyLova][43]
  • Blog post [Magento 2 deployment without the downtime][5] by Robert Egginton
  • Blog post [Deploying Magento 2 - History & Overview][6] by [Matthias Walter][44]
  • Blog post [Deploying Magento 2 using Capistrano][17] by [David Alger][45]
  • Blog post [Deploying Magento 2 with Composer and Envoyer][16] by [Nick Rigby][46]
  • GitHub [Magento 2 Docker][18] by meanbee
  • GitHub [Magento 2 Dockergento][39] by ModestCoders
  • Presentation [Zero Downtime in Magento 2, Is it Possible?][40] by [Óscar Recio][41]


  • Blog post [Unit testing in Magento 2][49] by [Inchoo]
  • Blog post [Magento2 Functional Testing Framework(MFTF)][51] by [WelKul][52]
  • Blog post [A Quick Guide to Automation Test in Magento 2][53] by Luong Ngoc Son
  • Presentation [Writing testable code][10] by [Vinai Kopp][48] (Bonus: [Video Presentation][11])
  • Blog post [Integration Tests with Magento 2][19] by Andreas von Studnitz

Mastering Magento 2

  • Blog post [10 Practical Rules to Build High Quality Magento 2 Module][20] by Max Pronko
  • Presentation [Stop Flushing the F#@king Cache, Indexing and Caching in Magento 2][22] by John Hughes]
  • Blog [Alan Storm blog][55]
  • Book [Magento 2 DIY][7] by Viktor Khliupko
  • Book [Magento 2 Cookbook][8] by Ray Bogman and Vladimir Kerkhoff
  • Presentation [Staging and Preview][9] by Igor Melnykov
  • Blog post [Introducing UI Components][13] by Alan Storm
  • Presentation [Micro Services][14] by Ivan Chepurnyi


  • Presentation [Premium performance with PHP 7 and Varnish][15] by Miguel Balparda

[technical guidelines]: {{ site.baseurl }}/guides/v2.3/coding-standards/technical-guidelines.html [coding standards]: {{ site.baseurl }}/guides/v2.3/coding-standards/bk-coding-standards.html [Magento Community Engineering Slack]: [self signup]: [general]: [github]: [public-backlog]: [devdocs]: [appdesign]: [coding-standards]: [announcements]: [0]: [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: [15]: [16]: [17]: [18]: [19]: [20]: [21]: [22]: [23]: [24]: [25]: [26]: [27]: [28]: [29]: [30]: [31]: [32]: [33]: [34]: [35]: [36]: [37]: [38]: [39]: [40]: [41]: [42]: [43]: [44]: [45]: [46]: [47]: [48]: [49]: [50]: [51]: [52]: [53]: [54]: [55]: [56]: [57]: [channels]:

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