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Magnifier widget


Magnifier is a widget that allows displaying images in 100% scaled size in separate dedicated layer. In Magento it is used by the [gallery]({{ page.baseurl }}/javascript-dev-guide/widgets/widget_gallery.html) widget for zooming the product images on product pages.

Initialize magnifier {#magnifier_init}

The magnifier widget is initialized as described in [JavaScript initialization]({{ page.baseurl }}/javascript-dev-guide/javascript/js_init.html#init_phtml).

When initializing the gallery Widget on an HTML element, magnifier initialization is also available. Following is the example of gallery initialization with magnifier:

<script type="text/x-magento-init">
        "<element_selector>": {
            "mage/gallery/gallery": {
                "data": [{
                    "thumb": "<small_image_url>",
                    "img": "<small_image_url>",
                    "full": "<small_image_url>",
                    "caption": "<message>",
                    "isMain": "<true/false>"
                "mixins": ["magnifier/magnify"],
                "magnifierOpts": {
                   "enabled": <true/false>,
                   "eventType": "<hover/click>",
                   "width": <number>,
                   "height": <number>,
                   "top": <number>,
                   "left": <number>,
                   "fullscreenzoom": <number>,
                   "mode": "<outside/inside>"

Options {#magnifier_options}

enabled {#opt_enabled}

Enable magnifier.

Type: Boolean

height {#opt_height}

Height of the magnifier block in pixels.

eventType {#opt_eventtype}

Action that activates zoom.

Possible values:

  • hover
  • click

fullscreenzoom {#opt_fullscreenzoom}

Zoom step in percents for the fullscreen view.

Type: Integer

left {#opt_left}

The value for the CSS left property for the magnifier block positioning.

Type: Integer

top {#opt_top}

The value for the CSS top property for the magnifier block positioning.

Type: Integer

width {#opt_width}

Width of the magnifier block in pixels.

Type: Integer

mode {#opt_mode}

Specifies whether to display magnified image inside / outside lens.

Possible values:

  • outside
  • inside

Configure magnifier options in view.xml

Magnifier options can be set in the view.xml configuration file of a theme. The file is conventionally located in the <theme_dir>/etc/ directory.

The general magnifier options are set as follows:

<var name="magnifier">
    <var name="%magnifier_option1%">%option1_value%</var>
    <var name="%magnifier_option2%">%option2_value%</var>

For an example of setting the gallery option, see the [view.xml]({{ site.mage2bloburl }}/{{ page.guide_version }}/app/design/frontend/Magento/blank/etc/view.xml#L225) file in the Blank theme.

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