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Magento Commerce Cloud guide

{{}} is a managed, automated hosting platform for the {{}} software. {{}} comes with a variety of additional features that sets it apart from the on-premise {{}} and {{}} platforms:

Cloud Benefits

{{}} provides a pre-provisioned infrastructure that includes PHP, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, and Elasticsearch technologies; a git-based workflow with automatic build and deploy for efficient Rapid development and Continuous deployment every time you push code changes in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment; highly Customizable environment configuration files and tools; and AWS hosting that offers a Scalable and Secure environment for online sales and retailing.

Technology stack

Think of the {{}} as five functional layers, as shown here:

Cloud Stack

Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers the underlying Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for {{}}. Each {{}} plan provides a PaaS Integration environment for developing, testing, and integrating services, see [{{}} architecture]({{ site.baseurl }}/cloud/architecture/cloud-architecture.html) for a comparison and additional features. Performance tools provide granular visibility into the site performance and PHP profiling. [Fastly]({{ site.baseurl }}/cloud/cdn/cloud-fastly.html) caches site assets and, as customers access the site and stores, loads the cached assets fast. The [Fastly Image Optimization]({{ site.baseurl }}/cloud/cdn/fastly-image-optimization.html) (IO) offloads image processing and resizing load, freeing servers to process orders and conversions efficiently.

{{}} package

The {{}} package is a scalable deployment tool that simplifies the Cloud upgrade process. In 2018, we deprecated the magento-cloud-configuration and ece-patches packages in favor of providing a single package. We encourage all customers to [upgrade to use {{}}]({{ site.baseurl }}/cloud/project/ece-tools-upgrade-project.html) as soon as possible to benefit from the package features, such as commands to create a backup of the database, apply custom patches, and verify environment configuration.



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