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Docker development quick reference


Action Command
Build and start Docker environment docker-compose up -d
Build environment docker-compose run build cloud-build
Deploy environment docker-compose run deploy cloud-deploy
Connect to CLI container docker-compose run deploy bash
Use {{}} command docker-compose run deploy ece-command <command>
Use Magento command docker-compose run deploy magento-command <command>
Stop and remove Docker environment (removes volumes) docker-compose down -v
Stop Docker environment without destroying containers docker-compose stop
Resume Docker environment docker-compose start
List images docker-compose images
List containers and ports docker-compose ps, or docker ps

Build options

Option Key Available values
Mode --mode, -m production, developer


Run bin/docker commands using the following format:

./bin/docker <command>

For example, to connect to the bash shell:

$ ./bin/docker bash
Starting project_redis_1 ... done
Starting project_db_1    ... done
Starting project_elasticsearch_1 ... done
[ ok ] Starting enhanced syslogd: rsyslogd.


Action Command
Connect to bash shell bash
Pull the latest images pull
Build application ece-build
Deploy application ece-deploy
Re-build and re-deploy application ece-redeploy
Stop containers stop
Start containers start
Restart containers restart
Destroy containers down
Destroy, re-create, and start containers up
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