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Community Resources

Magento DevBlog

The [Magento DevBlog][0] is a great resource for news about Magento, new community resources (articles, tutorials, etc.), events and other Magento-related items.

Best practices

See our collection of best and leading practices, common solutions, and more in the [Community contributed best practices]({{ site.baseurl }}/community/resources/best-practices.html) guide. If you have excellent best practices, tips and tricks, and work-arounds, feel free to contribute!

Community Engineering Slack

To connect with Magento and the Community, join us on the [Magento Community Engineering Slack][]. If you are interested in joining Slack, or a specific channel, send us a request at or [self signup][].

We have [channels][] for each project, but the following channels are recommended for new members:

  • [announcements][]: Introduce yourself and get quick updates for Magento Community Engineering
  • [general][]: Open chat for introductions and Magento 2 questions
  • [appdesign][]: Open chat for Magento architecture and [technical guidelines][]
  • [coding-standards][]: Open chat for developing [coding standards][] for Magento
  • [github][]: Support for GitHub issues, pull requests, and processes
  • [public-backlog][]: Discussions of the Magento 2 backlog
  • [devdocs][]: Documentation contribution support

[technical guidelines]: {{ site.baseurl }}/guides/v2.3/coding-standards/technical-guidelines.html [coding standards]: {{ site.baseurl }}/guides/v2.3/coding-standards/bk-coding-standards.html [Magento Community Engineering Slack]: [self signup]: [general]: [github]: [public-backlog]: [devdocs]: [appdesign]: [coding-standards]: [announcements]: [0]: [1]: [channels]:

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