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Getting Started

This next generation application store offers merchants a curated selection of solutions, and provides qualified developers the tools, platform, and prime location to build a thriving business.

{: .images-table } [![]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/images/assets/quick-start.png)]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/before-you-begin.html)|[Before You Begin]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/before-you-begin.html) - Take a look at the items you need to have ready in order to start the extension submission process.| [![]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/images/assets/tech-review.png)]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/extension-quality-program.html)|[Extension Quality Program]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/extension-quality-program.html) - Read up on what the Extension Quality Program (EQP) is all about.| [![]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/images/assets/your-account.png)]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/developer-register.html)|[Set Up Your Developer Account]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/developer-register.html) - Use your Marketplace account to access the Marketplace Developer Portal and manage your profile information, product submissions, and the monthly payments you receive from sales on Magento Marketplace.| [![]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/images/assets/new-extension.png)]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/extension-create.html)|[Create an Extension]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/extension-create.html) - Walk through the steps of the extension building process, and learn about the technical and marketing guidelines for selling extensions on Magento Marketplace.| [![]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/images/assets/code-review.png)]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/extension-quality-program.html)|[Submit for Review]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/extension-quality-program.html) - Our Extension Quality Program (EQP) verifies that all Marketplace extensions meet Magento quality standards and best practices.| [![]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/images/assets/sales-data.png)]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/sales.html)|[Manage Your Sales]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/sales.html) - You can use the Sales and Analytics reports to view and manage your extension sales information.| ![]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/images/assets/purchase.png)|For Buyers - Take a look at the extension installation process from the standpoint of a customer.| [![]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/images/assets/tools.png)]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/technical-reference.html)|[Technical Reference]({{ site.baseurl }}/marketplace/sellers/technical-reference.html) - There are a number of resources available to Magento extension developers and buyers.|

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